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Galaxy AV 3D solutions

The era of multiple 3D Tech give us more choices on both consumer and commercial applications. The ever-accelerated updating of these technologies rich world business development.


But there were always the existing kinds of problems that slow down the development. The key main headache is the barely using experience.

3D LED Display

The revolution is coming. Action speaks louder than words .With Galaxy AV 3D LED technology solutions ,you will own part of the blue market first,such as our glass-free 3D and glass 3D best using experience.

Color performance

Why Galaxy AV
3D solution Advantages

The world is colorful ,we deserve to see and feel that. But how to present that out,which relates to the using experience,troubles the AV industry. It matters much to the design experience and working style.


Galaxy AV team do care the color performance from the starting,not just 2D LED solution, but also spare no effort to 3D LED products .

Optimized design for the best using experience

1) Compare with Anaglyph 3D method

Anaglyph 3D method uses the Red-Cyan glass to view the 3D contents. The content itself, will be processed as two images, red and cyan, like pic (b) and (c), then overlap the two image together, leave a little bit offset of two images, with the Red-Cyan glass, the cyan filter will only allow the red color go through it, and the red filter will only allow the cyan color of the image go through, then with the little offset, two images from left eye and right eye will be processed as one image as in pic (a) by human brain and gives you a 3D feeling of the image.

As the image is separated as two colors image and overlapped with a little offset, the 3D experience is not good enough and you can feel the color of the final image is not correct, and the edge of each object in the image gets even worse.

2) Compare with Active shutter 3D method

To make the viewers feel the 3D vision from the video, the glass is designed to open and close the shutter of each lens alternately, at the same time, only one of your eyes can see the image. The video is made with 120Hz or higher frame frequency so that it can deliver 60Hz image to each of your eyes.

The frame frequency need to be 120Hz as the basic requirement, as if the frequency is too low, you will feel the flickering of the video, and gives you a terrible experience. The price of the active shutter 3D glass is not competitive, and the glass need to be charged before using it, also need to be synced to receive the right image of your left eye or right eye.

3) Compare with the Linear
polarized 3D method

A new technology utilizes the property of the light to split the light wave into parallel wave and perpendicular wave to the highway, and each of the glass lens will only receives one direction of the waves. For example, the light goes through the left lens and only delivers the image with parallel wave to your left eye, and though the right lens, only delivers the image with perpendicular wave to your right eye, then both of the image will be processed by your brain, and gives you a three-dimensional feeling of the image.



The problem is that you can only watch the 3D content by holding your head and glass in horizontal condition, if you turn your head to left and right, the lens will receive not only parallel image, but also the perpendicular image, which means you will see the ghosting effect. And that’s the crosstalk phenomenon.

Let’s say NO to those past barely using experience technology.Galaxy AV 3D solutions have been market-proven: the reliable quality and satisfied using experience.

Comprehensive multiple application market

Our comprehensive solutions will enhance viewers multiple dimensions experience. The market contains the medical industry,education industry,business center,plus the entertainment private or public site.


Last but more importantly, Galaxy AV offer not just the new tech solution products, it also contains our company culture and working style and project support and the comprehensive service level .


We wish to bring the best user experience to you.Let’s together make the world more colourful.


For more info ,pls contact us and leave your info .


Flying Theater

Flying Theater

The screen is the most important part of dome system. The quality of the screen directly decides the experience of audiences. The low quality screen never bring stunning content to attendees



Creative visual Design solutions, 3D LED Displays,High brightness. Based on normal LED brightness 500nits



Thousands of flexible non-rectangle LED panels are attached on the frame to create a perfect nature curved dome screen.

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