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LED Dome System

  • Flying Theater
  • Planetarium
  • Simulation

Why LED Dome

The screen is the most important part of dome system. The quality of the screen directly decides the experience of audiences. The low quality screen never bring stunning content to attendees.


Instead of projection system, LED screen bring better image quality and save a lot of energy for program and maintenance. LED screen brightness can reach to 500nits. The value is almost equal to 21pcs 15,000lumen projectors in one 65ft dome. At the meanwhile, LED has wider color gamut, higher contrast, longer lifespan. No blending and no calibration after installation.


The main work for maintenance is just to replace one spare panel in few minutes. Fault panels can be sent to factory to repair. So there is almost no maintenance cost.


LED has a much longer lifespan than projection. Its typical value is 100,000 hours. The good quality LED with a very low damping can keep a high brightness and color uniformity for 5 years even 8 years. This feature greatly increases the return on investment.

What to consider

Resolution LED dome resolution is a very important factor. We define the resolution of LED dome by a pixel count or pixels across the dome arc. Each LED dome screen is customized, we provide a wide selection space for resolution even could be accurate to a dot. We can provide a most suitable resolution according to the application requirements. Investors can adjust the resolution a little up and down according to the budget.

How it works

The immersive dome theater is a complicated system, including huge LED dome system, 4D seat system and audio system. The video and audio contents should be created based on the shape and size of the LED dome display, and also the sound system. All the contents will be edited and sent to the media server to process and transfer (distribute) to the LED dome system, motion seat controller and audio processor. The seat system will by synced with the dome content to offer you the feel of the movie’s motion, jolts, pokes, wind, water and even scents All the components constitute a perfect immersive environment and bring attendees a fantastic exclamatory exploration.

Why GalaxyAV

GalaxyAV has more than 20 years AV installation experience all over the world. The service center is located in Los Angeles ,which can make fast reaction for any evocations.We started the development of the dome system based on the flexible LED technology since 2017.


GalaxyAV has more than 10 years experience with the flexible LED technology and very confidently to use the flexible LED to create the dome screen. Finally the first version LED dome system was issued at 2018 and awarded “2019 PRODUCT of the YEAR” on National Association Broadcast Exhibition in Las Vegas.


GalaxyAV has already released 5 kinds of dimensions LED dome system ,which reduced the further R&D workload. From the confirmation order to production and delivery could be faster. An important development for the old and existing building like planetariums and theater is that GalaxyAV can provide ultra-thin and light LED dome system. That makes it possible to replace the dated projection screen and bring youthful vibrant heart to the old buildings.


Flying Theater

Flying Theater

The screen is the most important part of dome system. The quality of the screen directly decides the experience of audiences. The low quality screen never bring stunning content to attendees



Creative visual Design solutions, 3D LED Displays,High brightness. Based on normal LED brightness 500nits




Thousands of flexible non-rectangle LED panels are attached on the frame to create a perfect nature curved dome screen.

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