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Flying Theater

LED dome screen

Thousands of flexible non-rectangle LED panels are attached on the frame to create a nature curved dome screen. All of the panels are perforated for acoustic transparency. Take this feature, we can create excellent surround sound environment. Inborn advantages of LED screen make the images Vibrant and stunning.



  • High brightness. 500nits is a best value for immersive environment.
  • High resolution. Wide selection space for resolution. Such as 65ft diameter dome, we can provide options ranging from 25,120,000 to 245,312,500 for total pixels.
  • Extreme contrast. The LED dome screen is totally black when it’s off. Screen contrast rate is 10,000:1.
  • Color uniformity. The whole screen is in one batch that can make sure the all panels optical properties are same.
  • Long lifespan. The LED typical lifespan is 100,000 hours.
  • Perforated LED panels provide top to 95% acoustic transparency.

4D Seat System

The special design of the seat motion system allows guests to enter the system in horizontal position. After starting, at the beginning of the ride, guests are tilted towards the dome screen in a breath taking movement, so that their feet are hanging freely in open air, thus creating a unique feeling of free flight.


This spectacular start catapults visitors straight into the middle of the action. The exceptional dynamics and motion with 6 Degrees Of Freedom deeply immerse the guests into the movie. This is supported by the centred position of the guests in front of the screen.


  • With a horizontal loading position only one loading level is required - no need to build huge staircases!
  • Breathtaking tilting movement from loading to Flying Theater position - full 6 DOF movement in loading position and during tilting process makes the ride even more thrilling!
  • Because the best spot in the middle of the screen belongs to the passengers!
  • The single motion platform also minimizes staff numbers needed and maximizes hourly throughput!
  • Integrating motion, wind, smell, fog to create an excellent immersive experience.


Our international technology team provide the reliable service. Professional designer produce the safe and strong the structure system. Meanwhile conform the local rules.

Control Room

The vast amount of images, video, and data needs to be distributed throughout the organization in a fast and easy way. Control rooms are typically the central intelligence hubs of all information. All of the flying theater AV system could be connected to control room. The integration work is completed by us. Every media could be prepared before. Then button start.


GalaxyAV’s networked visualization control system is completely modular. This makes the system fully ready to support new signal types or connections. This solution can manage millions of different inputs, from over hundreds of different device types, and display them in exactly the way you choose - for different operators, scenarios, or locations. By creating and sharing views, operators can collaborate in the most optimal way. Control can be passed from one operator to another, while maintaining the highest levels of security. And above all, people only see what they are allowed to see - when they should see it.


Audio accounts for 50 percent of the theater experience. That's why your sound system and room acoustics are every bit as important as the immersive image.


GalaxyAV abandon the simple background sound at the beginning and explore the excellent surround sound system for the flying theater. Take GalaxyAV unique flexible perforated screen, we solved the acoustic issued from the back of screen. GalaxyAV surround sound system has speakers on left, right, center, up and down, even on the back of the attendees. Step into the scene of your favorite shows and the best media. Connect more deeply with the characters and story when you experience your entertainment in GalaxyAV LED theater.

Maintenance catwalk

The few rows maintenance catwalk on the structure can allow staff fast and easy access the theater screen


Flying Theater

Flying Theater

The screen is the most important part of dome system. The quality of the screen directly decides the experience of audiences. The low quality screen never bring stunning content to attendees



Creative visual Design solutions, 3D LED Displays,High brightness. Based on normal LED brightness 500nits



Thousands of flexible non-rectangle LED panels are attached on the frame to create a perfect nature curved dome screen.

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