flexible LED SCREEN

Flexible curved screen display - witness the world from different angles

Flexible LED

This LED could be twisted the best product for creative solution and video sculpture. Release the designers’ infenite creativity. The first video sculpture in the world is from it and still been working well already 12 years. Pixel pitch: 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm, 4.0mm, 6,0mm.

AmFlex LED is specially designed for the creativity. With it you can make any shape electroinc artworks. The designers who worked with us call the flexible LED panel as LED skin as it is thin and can be attached any shaped structure like tape.

So it could also make the double screen that is our startpoint for our dome solution.More than 20 yeas experience flexible LED, make us easy to enter the LED dome industry. Just like the LED magic carpet it is involuntary to.

AmFlex LED is real bendable LED panel can make minimal circular LED display at 0.6 meters diameter. The biggest tarsion angle is 180 

Flexible Pro LED

AmFlex Pro LED is fine pitch flexible LED panel specially designed for the large scale curved video wall. Can be convex concave, but no twisted. The minimal pixel pitch is 1.25mm at this stage. The panel size is 400mm*300mm with the intelligent design you can build nature curved seamless big screen.

Nature curved seamless beautiful information LED video wall. Free installation, color consistency 92%, high refresh rage up to 7680Hz. Color gamut up to DCI-P3 99%.

Fine pitch, ultra thin body, flexible LED panel. Front and back access. Easy installation and maintanence.

AmFlex Pro LED can make minimal circular at 1.2 meters diameter for P1.5 P1.6, P1.9, P2.5, P3.1, P4.1 P6.2 bendable panels. The minimal diameter for AmFlex Pro P1.25 is 1.9m. But the panel is rigid curved borned with certain angles.

Independent Power Management

Heat dissipation of the display is much better and extended lifetime of the display. It also allows to make more slim and light construction.The independent power unit can be installed a maximum of 10 meters from the display. We can put a power supply attached to the screen for customized projects.

Stable & Reliable Connections

Customized ribbon cable conducts both power and data to the module via quality cables and connectors guarantee safe and reliable connections between each module.


Release the designers' creativity. Impress your audiences.

flexible LED SCREEN
Flexible LED Screen

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Nature curved and flat video wall

DCI-P3 color gamut

Safety certification compliant

Brompton&Megapixel XR compatible

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