Frequently Asked Questions About Led Screen

Galaxyavi provides custom services.Virtually any shape, size, and curvature.

Standard 90 volt OR 240 Volt power will power our displays. How much power is completely dependent on the size and NIT rating of your screen which our experienced pre-sale engineers will help you with during the sales process.

Yes some of our panels can curve and bend both horizontally and vertically to create almost any look desired.You can refer to our LED display solutions about écran LED flexible et Dôme immersif à LED.

We have our own international professional technology team to provide install support. We suggest sending a professional engineer to install and oversee the project for you.Of course, you have to afford the cost accordingly.

Les vidéoprojecteurs semblent souvent être une solution plus facile et moins chère, mais ils n'affichent pas la même qualité d'image, la même luminosité et ne peuvent pas s'adapter à n'importe quel contexte comme le font les écrans LED innovants. Pour mieux comprendre ces différences et les atouts des écrans LED, lisez l'article.

We have professional engineers to design and offer the installation structure design drawings for customers, and the design can well fit your installation conditions.

Every cabinet one pair of power cords (output/input), and one pair of data cable (output/input), we make wiring instruction drawing for every order, customers only need to follow the instruction drawing.

Concealed wiring is more stable since less connectors in wiring. Exposed wiring is more convenient for operation, and easier and faster for replace any cords or cables. For fixed led display, we recommend concealed wiring, for rental led display, we recommend exposed wiring.

The pixel pitch of LED screen refers to the distance between the center of one led bead and the center of its neighbor in millimeters. The smaller the pixel pitch, the larger the pixel density, and the higher the resolution, the more delicate the image displayed, and the better the visual effect. Of course, the costs are relatively high.

Our standard warranty agreement provides 3 years of a warranty servicing.Additional warranty terms can be negotiated during the sales process.


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