3D LED Screen

3D LED display is a special LED display, which can be divided into 2 types according to the application environment and viewing method. One is the LED display that needs to wear 3D glasses to obtain the 3D effect, and the other is the outdoor 3D LED display that can obtain the 3D effect by looking directly at it with naked eyes.

The 3D LED display allows the audience to obtain a better viewing experience, using the left and right eyes of the audience to see different video content to form a three-dimensional 3D viewing effect in the brain. Galaxyav has deployed different 3D LED displays in many countries and regions around the world. These audio-visual system integration projects have brought a three-dimensional immersive viewing experience to your audience.

GalaxyAV - Professional 3D LED Screen Manufacturer & Supplier

As the top LED display manufacturer in China, Galaxyav has a wonderful performance in various LED display fields. In the field of 3D LED displays, Galaxyav has successfully developed 3D LED screens based on cinemas and outdoor 3D LED screens that can be viewed directly by the naked eye. Few LED screen manufacturers can achieve the top level in these two fields at the same time, Galaxyav is your reliable and preferred supplier of 3D LED screens.

Compared with other 3D LED screen manufacturers, Galaxyav’s 3D LED screen adopts the latest virtual 3D processing technology in the industry, and the effect of high depth of field is even better. Whether you wear 3D glasses or look directly with the naked eye, you can get a shocking stereoscopic effect. If you want to create a new 3D LED audio-visual system integration project, please click the button below to contact our engineers, and we will give you free project consulting services.

Advantages of 3D LED screen

3D LED screen with high frame rate

Galaxyav’s 3D LED screen can achieve a frame rate of up to 120HZ or even 240Hz. In this state of high display frame rate, the 3D LED screen can provide at least 60Hz images for each eye of the audience. Such a high frame rate brings a more comfortable viewing experience, even if you wear 3D glasses for a long time, you will not feel tired.

The outdoor 3D LED display has high requirements on the clarity of the picture, which requires the 3D LED screen to have a very high frame rate, otherwise, it is difficult to achieve the 3D viewing effect in the naked eye state. Galaxyav’s outdoor 3D LED display has won unanimous praise from customers with its high frame rate.

3D LED screen with high frame rate

Freely switch between 2D and 3D display functions

Galaxyav’s 3D LED display can easily switch display modes at any time, allowing you to freely choose between 2D and 3D viewing effects. The only switching function of this display mode does not require other auxiliary equipment to operate, and will not increase the use cost of the 3D LED display.

When viewers get tired of watching video content in 3D, switching to 2D is a good choice. The 3D LED display in the 2D state still has high-definition pictures, bright colors,s and a high frame rate.

Intelligent 3D glasses

The smart 3D glasses developed by Galaxyav have more powerful functions than conventional 3D glasses. Smart 3D glasses can be switched to a transparent or opaque state in real-time according to the picture content on the 3D LED screen. This state switching realizes the viewing effect of 3D dynamic video content.

The 3D glasses have a built-in battery with a longer service life, which can be used for more than 200 hours and is easy to replace. In addition, galaxyav has further reduced the cost of 3D glasses, and each 3D glasses only costs 50-60 US dollars. The net weight of the 3D glasses is 33 grams, so you won’t feel heavy when you wear them for a long time.

Intelligent 3D glasses
galaxyav 3D LED screen with Higher screen brightness

Higher screen brightness

When the indoor 3D LED display is playing video content, the surrounding viewing environment is usually in a relatively dark state. When the audience wears 3D glasses, a higher LED screen brightness is required to obtain a better viewing experience. In order to solve this problem, Galaxyav has set relevant technical parameters for the 3D LED screen so that it can provide 100 nits of brightness for the audience in a dark environment.

For outdoor 3D LED display screens, it must have a high screen display brightness to be able to resist the influence of external natural light. Usually, the brightness range of Galaxyav’s 3D LED screen is around 5000-6000cd/㎡. It can also adjust the brightness of the 3D LED display in real-time according to the intensity of the external environment on sunny days, cloudy days, and nights, so as to avoid light pollution to the surrounding environment while saving energy.

Pure black LED display with no light leakage

Due to the large size of the light-emitting lamp beads, the traditional LED screen will inevitably have light leakage during packaging. Even if the gap between the lamp beads is filled with black adhesive, it cannot completely solve the problem of light leakage on the LED screen. Galaxyav 3D LED screen uses micron-scale light-emitting unit chips, which are closely arranged and further narrowed the pixel pitch, thus preventing the problem of light leakage.

The contrast ratio of Galaxyav 3D LED screen exceeds 500,000:1, which is far beyond the scope of traditional surface mount LED display, and can minimize the reflection of ambient light. Galaxyav 3D LED screen performs well in corporate project showrooms, company lobbies, and TV studios. When the external ambient light is dark, the screen looks even more stunning.

To learn more about the advantages and performance parameters of Galaxyav 3D LED display, please click the button below to contact us. Our staff will provide you with relevant information and free consulting services as soon as possible

Features of Galaxyav 3D LED screen

high depth of field effect

Using the latest virtual 3D processing technology, the high depth of field effect can reach 3 meters, and the naked eye can get a realistic stereoscopic visual effect

super high resolution

Conventional 3D LED displays can achieve 720p high-definition effects, and 3D LED displays in specially customized audio-visual system integration projects can achieve 1080P high-definition images.

Significantly reduce energy loss

Using an integrated project management and control system, the entire 3D LED display has greatly reduced energy consumption. Compared with the traditional LED display, the power consumption loss has been reduced by more than 50-65%.

silent working state

The 3D LED display optimizes energy loss and reduces the heat generation of the overall audio-visual integration project. This reduces the number of fans used for heat dissipation, allowing the 3D LED display to operate in a near-silent state.

richer colors

Galaxyav's 3D LED display has 32-bit high gray scale and 5000:1 high contrast ratio, which can make the LED screen display richer picture color effects

Picture quality is stable and reliable

Galaxyav's 3D LED display adopts ultra-high refresh rate and super white temperature automatic balance technology to keep the picture quality of the LED display in the best state for a long time and stable

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