Audio Visual Services

Audio-visual service is the specific content of each link of the audio-visual system integration project. Including but not limited to customer demand communication, audio-visual system design, production and procurement of audio-visual hardware equipment, project construction and testing, audio-visual content creation, installation of audio-visual system integration projects, fault repair and maintenance management, etc.

GalaxyAV - Professional Audio Visual Solutions Service

As a professional LED screen manufacturer, Galaxyav has grown into a service provider capable of providing one-stop audio-visual system integration projects for more than 20 years.

Our senior technical service team will take every customer’s needs regarding audio-visual system integration projects seriously. Whether it is system function control or a wonderful presentation of audio-visual content, we have the ability to provide you with the most professional audio-visual solutions.

There must be a certain distance between the initial design plan and the actual project delivery. Our senior technical service team will communicate with customers according to the actual situation of the project site. Adjust and improve some details of the design scheme to achieve better audio-visual integration.

After the audio-visual system is adjusted, it will be officially delivered to the customer. During this period, we will provide skill training for use and daily maintenance so as to extend the service life of the entire audio-visual project.

We have successfully delivered a large number of audio-visual system integration projects around the world, and most of our customers are satisfied with our audio-visual equipment and technical services. Meticulous service and a high professional technical level are the keys to our success.

If you have needs for audio-visual system integration projects or are just interested in this aspect, please contact us. We will give you free project consultation and basic audio-visual system integration project quotation for the first time


Free AV program consultation

We attach importance to each customer's needs for audio visual system integration projects and provide free AV project consulting services.

AV integration project design

Transform the customer's audio-visual needs into practical and feasible project construction plans from a professional perspective.

Manufacturing and procurement of AV hardware equipment

We are LED screen manufacturer and have a large number of AV equipment suppliers who have cooperated for many years

Audio-visual hardware performance test

Audio-visual equipment must pass strict performance tests before it can be applied to audio-visual integration projects.

Special custom

For some unconventional audio-visual functions, we will make special customization for you.

AV project installation

After passing the performance test of audio-visual hardware equipment, on-site installation will be carried out according to the project construction manual.

AV integration project performance debugging

LED screen, loudspeaker, signal receiving processor and other systems need compatibility adjustments to make the whole project perfect.

Training and Maintenance

We will conduct operation training for audio-visual system users, and arrange technicians for maintenance if there is a fault.

For audio-visual system integration projects, galaxyav has rich experience in both audio-visual hardware and program design. You only need to ask, we can give you the perfect answer.

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