Audio Visual Solutions

As a professional audio-visual solution provider, Galaxyav has created countless audio-visual system integration projects for customers around the world for more than 20 years.

We are committed to the intelligent interaction of audio-visual equipment and content integration systems, organically integrating audio-visual, multimedia collaboration, and digital control.

We strive to obtain a higher return on investment for customers in audio-visual system integration projects and realize communication and collaboration across departments, regions, and personnel.

What is an Audio Visual Solution?

The audio-visual system integration solution aims to solve the connection between the audio-visual hardware system and the content control system for users and provide users with a better audio-visual experience.

Audio-visual system integration solutions include project design, audio-visual system solution quotation, LED screen, and other hardware equipment customization and installation, compatibility debugging between hardware systems, use and maintenance training, and timely handling of after-sales problems.

With the increasing demand for audio-visual system integration projects in various industries, the audio-visual solutions themselves are constantly being upgraded. The traditional indoor and outdoor audio-visual system integration solutions based on the use of venues are obviously not enough to meet the needs of the market.

Galaxyav uniquely proposes an audio-visual system integration solution with different application scenarios, focusing more on the needs of users and the project itself. Customers only need to clearly express their needs, and we can provide them with one-stop audio-visual system integration solutions.

If you want to know more about solutions for AV system integration projects or view more successful cases of Galaxyav's AV system integration projects around the world, please click the button below to contact us.

Application of audio visual solutions

Conference Room

The audio visual solution in the conference room can effectively improve office efficiency and reduce team collaboration costs.

Traffic Control Center audio visual solutions

Traffic Control Center

The audio visual solution of the traffic control center can understand the traffic dynamics in real-time, and reasonably dispatch vehicles for safe operation.

stadium audio visual solutions


The audio visual solution of the stadium can reproduce the exciting moments of the game, making it easier for spectators with poor viewing positions to enjoy the game.
Outdoor Advertising audio visual solutions

Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor audio visual solutions have greatly improved the value of commercial advertising and brand communication.

Art Center audio visual solutions

Art Center

The audio visual solutions of the art center can maximize the charm of artworks and give visitors a better sense of immersive experience.

shopping mall audio visual solutions

Shopping Mall

The video and audio solutions of shopping centers can effectively guide customers’ consumption and spread brand influence.

home theater audio visual solutions

Home Theater

The audio-visual solution of the home theater can be customized according to the customer’s residential situation, creating a more private and better movie-watching atmosphere.
concert audio visual solutions


The audio visual solution of the concert can enhance the atmosphere of the event to the greatest extent, allowing the audience to interact with the performers.

church audio visual solutions

Place Of Worship

The church’s audio visual solutions allow believers to better understand religious classics and stories, which is conducive to the spread of the gospel.

Theme Park audio visual solutions

Theme Park

The audio-visual solutions of theme parks allow tourists to have a better sense of atmosphere experience, increase the stay time of tourists and promote consumption.

school audio visual solutions


The school’s audio-visual solutions are widely used, which is conducive to the explanation of classroom content and the expression of wonderful content in lectures.

hospital audio visual solutions


The hospital’s audio-visual solution facilitates the guidance and triage of patients, and promotes the content dissemination of infectious disease prevention measures.

If you do not find the project you need in the above audio visual solutions or you have a special audio visual system integration project that needs to be customized, please click the button below to contact our senior technical engineers, and we will provide you with free services.

Why choose Galaxyav as your audio visual solution provider?

20+ years experiences in audio visual field

In more than 20 years, Galaxyav has accumulated countless successful experiences in audio-visual solutions.
Whether it is from the project design of audio-visual solutions, the production of audio-visual hardware equipment, the compatibility of various parts of the audio-visual integrated system, or the installation and construction of projects and the maintenance and repair of projects after delivery, Galaxyav has the ability to provide customers with the most satisfactory solutions.

20+ years experiences in AV field

Various types of LED screens

As a professional LED screen manufacturer, Galaxyav has a large-scale production base. In more than 20 years, we have developed a variety of LED screens with world-leading technology. Especially in the field of flexible LED display, small-pitch LED display, and 3D LED display, we have always been the technical benchmark in the industry. We can produce and manufacture any type of LED display used in audio-visual solutions.

Huge partner base

The audio-visual system integration project will involve a large number of audio-visual hardware devices. As an audio-visual solution service provider, we have many well-known brand partners behind us. Like Galaxyav, these partners have strict requirements on product quality and pursue perfection in product details. Over the years, Galaxyav and these partners have created numerous audio-visual system integration projects for users around the world and have won unanimous praise.

Free audio visual solution consultation

Free audio visual solution consultation

For all customers, we promise to provide free audio-visual system integration project consulting services. Regardless of whether your audio-visual integration project is large or small, simple or complex; we will arrange for senior technical engineers to answer any questions you may have about the audio-visual integration project.

Rapid audio visual project delivery

From the signing of the contract, Galaxyav’s professional team began to work together. From the customized production of LED display screens to the compatibility debugging among various projects and the on-site installation of the audio-visual integrated system, we have a scientific project implementation plan. Ensure that audio-visual integration projects are delivered to customers with the fastest speed and in the best condition.

Perfect audio visual after-sales protection

During the use of audio-visual equipment, there will inevitably be equipment failures caused by man-made or natural environmental factors. You don’t need to worry and worry at this moment, most of our audio-visual system integration projects provide 3 years of free maintenance service, and some special customized projects can even provide 10 years of free after-sales service. In addition, Galaxyav has set up after-sales service points in many countries around the world and can come to your door to solve the faults of audio-visual equipment for you for the first time.

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