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The Immersive Dome LED screen is a comprehensive embodiment of the top audio-visual system integration technology. It not only requires a flexible LED display panel with super performance to ensure a clear and stable picture but also a powerful audio-visual system controller to assign each flexible LED display panel to display different content. It is a great honor that GalaxyAV has become the world’s leading brand in the field of Immersive Dome LED screens after more than 20 years of development.

Based on our strong scientific research capabilities and rich experience in customizing audio-visual system integration projects, we have delivered perfect immersive Dome LED screen projects to customers in many countries around the world. As a professional LED screen manufacturer, we have won the favor of many customers with professional audio-visual integrated equipment and perfect after-sales service. If you are planning to build an immersive dome LED screen project, I believe GalaxyAV will give you a satisfactory solution.

What is an immersive dome screen ?

Immersive dome LED displays usually consist of multiple flexible LED display panels of different sizes. These flexible LED display panels are fixed on the semicircular metal frame according to the needs of the audio-visual system integration project, and the digital signal is converted into an image or video through the content control system and displayed on the flexible LED display.

The viewing experience of the immersive dome LED display is far superior to that of the traditional laser projection dome screen. No matter the clarity of image or video content, the vividness of color, and the viewing experience of the audience, it has the incomparable advantages of the projection dome screen.

Immersive dome LED displays are usually used in planetariums, cultural experience centers, churches, event exhibition centers, and other places. It uses the bendable performance of the flexible LED display to make the entire audio-visual system integration project into a super-real state, giving moviegoers an immersive experience.

Obviously, the immersive dome LED display is not the only mode installed on the ceiling. We can completely adjust the viewing angle of the immersive dome LED display according to your actual needs.

If you need a more realistic viewing experience, we can choose a flexible LED display panel with a smaller lamp bead pitch for splicing, so that the resolution of the entire immersive dome LED display is higher.

Through the integrated control system of the audio-visual system, we can precisely control the display content of each flexible LED display. In this way, when a certain fast flexible LED display fails, it will not affect the content display of the overall immersive dome LED display, and it is also more convenient for technicians to maintain and replace

immersive led dome screen
immersive LED dome screen

Why Choose GalaxyAV Immersive LED Screen Solutions?

Higher-definition LED display effect

Compared with traditional dome projectors, immersive dome LED screen has a better viewing experience. The brightness of GalaxyAV’s LED display panel can reach 500nits, which is equivalent to 21 projectors with 15,000 lumens working simultaneously in a 65-foot dome. In addition, compared with traditional dome projectors, immersive dome LED screen has a wider color gamut, higher contrast, and longer service life. After installation, there is no need for mixing and calibration of screen content.

Easier and faster maintenance and repair

The Immersive dome LED screen can be replaced by the front end or the rear end to replace the damaged flexible LED display panel. When the flexible LED display panel that is not working properly is replaced, the other normal working LED displays will not stop working, effectively It avoids the occurrence of immersive dome LED screen black screen.

It only takes a few minutes to replace a faulty flexible LED display panel, and the replaced flexible LED display panel can be returned to the factory for repair. Usually, these flexible LED display panels returned to the factory for maintenance will not have major failures and can be used normally after simple repairs, so the overall immersive dome LED screen use and maintenance costs are relatively low.

Long service life

Galaxyav adopts a new generation of LED display lamp beads, and its high-quality LEDs with extremely low damping can maintain high brightness and color uniformity for 5 to 8 years. Compared with traditional dome projectors, immersive dome LED display has a service life of up to 100,000 hours, which greatly improves the return on investment of this audio-visual system integration project.

Immersive dome LED screen usually does not have large-scale failure problems. Even if a device failure occurs and the content cannot be played normally, Galaxyav will provide you with a 5-8-year warranty service to ensure that your immersive dome LED screen can continue to create more commercial value for you.

immersive dome LED screen with Long service life

Want to know more about Galaxyav’s immersive dome LED screen solution?

How Immersive Dome LED Screen Works?

Immersive Dome LED screen is a complex audio-visual system integration project, which includes a huge LED dome system, 4D seat system, audio system and a central integrated control system that controls various hardware equipment systems. Image or video content for immersive dome LED screen needs to be created according to the screen size and shape of the system. All the content to be played is sent to the multimedia server for processing after being edited, and the processed content will be distributed to various hardware device systems.

When the image and video content is played on the immersive dome LED screen, the seat system will be synchronized with the content on the dome LED screen, allowing you to truly feel various sports. If the seat control system is upgraded, the audience can still feel the wind and rain and even the smell in the picture. With the semi-circular high-definition picture, it truly creates an immersive atmosphere.

Dome LED Screen System

Thousands of flexible non-rectangle LED panels are attached to the frame to create a natural curved dome screen. All of the panels are perforated for acoustic transparency. Take this feature, we can create an excellent surround sound environment. The inborn advantages of LED screens make the images Vibrant and stunning. Features High brightness. 500nits is the best value for an immersive environment. High resolution. Wide selection space for resolution. Such as a 65ft diameter dome, we can provide options ranging from 25,120,000 to 245,312,500 for total pixels. Extreme contrast. The LED dome screen is totally black when it’s off. The screen contrast rate is 10,000:1. Color uniformity. The whole screen is in one batch that can make sure all panel’s optical properties are the same. Long lifespan. The LED typical lifespan is 100,000 hours. Perforated LED panels provide top to 95% acoustic transparency.

Surround Sound System

Audio accounts for 50 percent of the theater experience. That’s why your sound system and room acoustics are every bit as important as the immersive image. GalaxyAV abandons the simple background sound at the beginning and explores the excellent surround sound system for the flying theater. Taking Galaxyav’s unique flexible perforated screen, we solved the acoustic issue from the back of the screen. Galaxy at surrounds sound system has speakers on the left, right, center, up, and down, even on the back of the attendees. Step into the scene of your favorite shows and the best media. Connect more deeply with the characters and story when you experience your entertainment in Galaxyav LED theater. 

Surrounding Sound System in dome led screen

What size immersive dome LED screen can we do for you?

Theoretically, if the Immersive dome LED screen has a strong enough support structure, its size is unlimited. The minimum pixel pitch of Galaxyav’s dome LED screen can reach 1.5mm, which means we can make an immersive dome LED screen with 24k resolution (24073 pixels on the dome LED screen) at 75 feet (23 meters) for you. Usually, Galaxyav’s minimum size of the immersive dome LED screen is 3m in diameter, which is the minimum space for an immersive dome LED screen used by a single person. Of course, we can provide you with immersive dome LED screen customization services of various sizes and resolutions according to your actual needs.

Immersive LED Dome Screen Specification

Dimension(Dome Diameter) 5-60m
Resolution(Dome arc pixels) 4k~8k~16k~32k
Brightness Typ/Max 200nit/500nit
Color Depth 12bit
Contrast 500,000:1
Color Gamut DCI-P3 100%;sRGB 140%
Acoustic Perforated rate 50%~95%
Power distribution Aver./Max 135W/㎡ / 480W/㎡
Real-time interactive/Live show Support / Support
Frame Rate 30Hz,50Hz,60Hz,120Hz
Refresh Rate 1920Hz~3840Hz
LED Lifespan(Half Brightness) 100,000Hz

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