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The world's leading manufacturer of audio-visual integration projects !

GalaxyAV has been committed to creating better audio-visual integration effects for users for more than 20 years. We have invested a lot of funds in research and development, which has made us gradually grow into a technology leader in the field of LED displays. Especially in immersive dome LED screen, LED video walls, virtual studio, Flexible LED screens, etc., it has a very brilliant performance. We have designed and delivered audio-visual integration projects for concert halls, planetariums, project experience halls, amusement parks, cinemas, churches, film and television shooting, parks and other usage scenarios for customers around the world.

Galaxyav work team

In the field of technology research and development, Galaxyav will focus on flexible LED displays and small-pitch high-definition LED displays. The small-pitch LED display can make the picture of the display clearer, and the flexible LED display can create an immersive viewing experience. These technological advancements have enabled our immersive audio-visual experience projects to receive unanimous praise from customers during delivery. We are capable and proud to claim that GalaxyAV’s audio-visual integration equipment and immersive audio-visual integration projects are second to none in the world!

In the future, our work direction will still focus on audio-visual system integration, and we are committed to creating a one-stop audio-visual integration project service platform for customers. Customers only need to put forward their needs, and we will provide them with a free project design consultation, audio-visual integration scheme design, design, and manufacture of LED displays and audio equipment, installation and commissioning of the overall project, and maintenance and maintenance of the project after delivery.

Why Work With Us

20+ years professional experience

In more than 20 years, GalaxyAV has perfectly delivered countless audio-visual system integration projects. During the design, manufacture, delivery and maintenance of these projects, we have accumulated a lot of valuable experience. These valuable experiences make GalaxyAV have the ability to realize various difficult audio-visual integration projects for you.

Senior R&D Team

GalaxyAV has a senior R&D team of 65 people. Every technical engineer in the team has more than 5 years of experience in the audio-visual integration project industry. Especially in the fields of dome LED display and flexible LED screen, it has many patented technologies, and has been leading the technological change of the industry.

strict quality control

AV integration projects usually include a large number of LED displays and audio equipment. GalaxyAV will conduct strict quality inspections on these hardware devices and software systems, and strictly implement the corresponding quality control standards for different customized projects to ensure the long-term stable operation of the entire audio-visual integrated system.

high competitive price

GalaxyAV has been working hard to provide customers with the most cost-effective audio-visual integration projects. For the overall quotation of the audio-visual integration project, we only seek reasonable profits and provide a lot of free value-added services.

timely delivery of AVI projects

GalaxyAV strictly controls the work process according to the delivery time of the audio-visual integration project stipulated in the contract. Unless there are uncontrollable third-party factors, we will complete the entire delivery of the entire audio-visual integration project at the project delivery time specified in the contract.

perfect after-sales service

The delivery of the audio-visual integration project is not the end of cooperation but the beginning of a new stage of cooperation. GalaxyAV has multiple after-sales service departments around the world to provide customers with 7*24 all-weather services.

Our Middle east service center

Middle east service center / Add : Technohub 1, Dubai Silicon Oasis Near Axiom HQ and RIT University - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

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