Micro LED Screen

The Micro LED display is a high-definition LED screen made of self-illuminating micron-scale LEDs as light-emitting pixel units. These self-illuminating micron-scale LED light-emitting pixel units are arranged in a high-density matrix on the driving panel, and the gap between each light-emitting pixel unit is much lower than that of a conventional LED screen. Micro LED screen has the characteristics of small light-emitting unit chip size, high integration and self-illumination. Compared with LED and OLED screens in displaying pictures and video content, Micro LED screen has higher brightness, higher resolution, stronger contrast, lower energy consumption, longer service life, and more Fast response speed and stronger thermal stability and other advantages.

GalaxyAV - Professional Micro LED Screen Manufacturer & Supplier

Although the Micro LED Screen technology has been developed as early as 2000, this technology has very high requirements for the manufacturing environment and scientific research strength. After years of huge capital investment and unremitting technology research and development, Galaxyav finally realized the commercial mass production line of Micro LED screen in 2020.

The application fields of Micro LED screens are very broad, such as flat panel displays, home high-definition theaters, flexible and wearable smart display devices, optical communication, optical interconnection, medical detection equipment, smart cars, transparent display screens, and other fields that have very good performance. Galaxy can create an audio-visual system integration project based on a Micro LED screen for you according to your needs.

As one of the few manufacturers in China that can achieve commercial mass production of Micro LED screens, Galaxyav has a number of research and development patents for Micro LED screens. Now Galaxyav has successfully created audio-visual system integration projects including Micro LED screens for customers in many countries and regions around the world. The excellent performance and stable operation of the Micro LED screen have won us many praises. If you want to know more about the Micro LED screen project created by Galaxyav, please click the button below to contact us.

Advantages of Micro LED screen

Present higher-definition picture content in a smaller screen size

When the traditional LED display screen encounters some specific audio-visual system integration projects, because the size of the LED display screen is too large, it may not be able to achieve 4K high-definition images. However, when Micro LED screen is used, because of its micron-level light-emitting pixel units and small spacing between pixels, Micro LED screen can easily achieve 4K ultra-high-definition picture effects. Galaxyav can build you an ultra-high-definition 4K display with a height of 5 feet and a diagonal distance of 135 inches. If you want to achieve 8K higher-definition picture content display effect, we can control the diagonal distance within 275 inches for you. It is worth mentioning that the viewing distance of the Micro LED screen made by Galaxyav is much smaller than other wall-mounted screens, allowing you to make full use of the indoor space.

Micro LED screen manageable array size
Micro LED screen can be installed more conveniently and quickly

Micro LED screen can be installed more conveniently and quickly

Galaxyav’s Micro LED screen adopts a cabinet-less design to facilitate the installation and maintenance of the entire audio-visual system integration project. Compared with traditional LED screen project installation, the overall project installation time of a Micro LED screen can be reduced by one-third. When Galaxyav developed the Micro LED screen, it fully considered the various problems faced by traditional LED screens when used in audio-visual system integration projects. We strive to solve various pain points in the whole process from project design to post-maintenance. The various Micro LED screens we provide can serve the audio-visual integration project itself in a smarter way. The Micro LED screen can be automatically aligned, and each Micro LED screen panel maintains a gap-free state during installation, making the picture and video content clearer and more complete.

Ultra-wide viewing angle

Compared with small and mobile LED displays, large LED displays usually have a viewing angle problem. In addition to the visual angle, the content on the LED display will have the problems of brightness reduction and color deviation. Since the Micro LED screen uses self-illuminating micron-scale light-emitting pixel units, after they are assembled on the panel to form a high-density LED display matrix, the problem of the viewing angle of the Micro LED screen can be effectively avoided.

After three technological innovations, Galaxyav has increased the visualization angle of the Micro LED screen to nearly 180°. From a certain point of view, when the Micro LED screen of Galaxyav is playing the picture or video content normally, the audience will not notice the problem of brightness drop and color deviation no matter from any angle of the screen. For some large-scale ultra-high-definition audio-visual system integration projects, the viewing experience brought by a viewing angle close to 180° is unparalleled.

Micro LED screen havs more realistic and wider color gamut

More realistic and wider color gamut

A wider color gamut has always been the goal pursued by all LED screen manufacturers. A wider color gamut can make the picture or video content on the Micro LED screen appear more realistic. In order to make the Micro LED screen present a better picture content display effect, Galaxyav’s R&D team conducts technical research and development strictly according to the technical standards of REC2020 and DCI-P3.

The Micro LED screen developed by the Galaxyav team can achieve 90% of REC2020 in terms of image resolution, progressive scan frame rate, bit depth, primary color, RGB, luma-chroma color representation, chroma sub-sampling, and photoelectric transfer function. In 2022, Galaxyav will develop a commercial machine Micro LED screen panel covering 110% DCI-P3 color gamut.

Micro LED screen with high frame rate

The traditional 24 frames per second film and television game screen is obviously difficult to please young audiences, but ultra-high-definition film and television game animations cannot be played on ordinary LED screens. In order to solve this problem, we can only start by improving the high frame rate of the LED screen.

Galaxyav’s Micro LED screen can achieve a high refresh rate of up to 144HZ fps, which will not let you miss any details even when playing animation videos and images of objects moving at high speed. The high frame rate setting of the Micro LED screen prevents you from feeling dizzy when watching such dynamic videos, creating a comfortable viewing experience for you. Therefore, Galaxyav’s Micro LED screen is usually used to play audio-visual content based on sports, game competitions and virtual scenes.

Micro LED scrren- Low frame rate vs high frame rate

Pure black LED display with no light leakage

Due to the large size of the light-emitting lamp beads, the traditional LED screen will inevitably have light leakage during packaging. Even if the gap between the lamp beads is filled with black adhesive, it cannot completely solve the problem of light leakage on the LED screen. Galaxyav Micro LED screen uses micron-scale light-emitting unit chips, which are closely arranged and further narrowed the pixel pitch, thus preventing the problem of light leakage.

The contrast ratio of Galaxyav Micro LED screen exceeds 500,000:1, which is far beyond the scope of traditional surface mount LED display, and can minimize the reflection of ambient light. Galaxyav Micro LED screen performs well in corporate project showrooms, company lobbies, and TV studios. When the external ambient light is dark, the screen looks even more stunning.

Customizable Micro LED screen aspect ratio

Of course, the Micro LED screen supports standardized screen configurations, and supports high-definition content and 4K ultra-high-definition content playback. But sometimes you may need to play higher-definition video content, but the aspect ratio of this video content is not the standard 16:9 or 4:3.

In order to solve the above problems, the Micro LED screen developed by Galaxyav can assemble and configure display modules arbitrarily. A single content controller can control 3840*2160 pixels (4k*2k). If you need a screen configuration of 7680*2160 (8k*2k) pixels, you only need 2 controllers to solve it perfectly. You can even build unique non-rectangular configurations according to your actual needs

Customizable Micro LED screen aspect ratio

Application field of Micro LED screen

Micro LED screen has a wide range of applications. It can not only display high-definition dynamic video content in bright colors, but also achieve very good results in many different fields. Taking AR smart wearable devices as an example, Micro LED display can achieve a long-term stable working state by virtue of its self-luminous characteristics and III-V inorganic materials. Therefore, Micro LED screen has become the material of choice for many optical component manufacturers to create AR smart glasses.

Traditional laser projection equipment is gradually rejected by the market because of the large size of the equipment and the large amount of energy loss. The Micro LED display manufactured by Galaxyav has gradually become the preferred material for embedded projection devices due to its small size, low power consumption, high brightness, and long service life. Today, Micro LED display has emerged in translation pens, tablet computers, and other miniature consumer electronics products.

In the field of intelligent driving, Micro LED display also has a very good performance. Taking the head-up display function of intelligent driving as an example, the Micro LED display can maintain a stable driving status display during bumpy car driving. Micro LED display still has color performance in the temperature range of -40°C to 85°C. No matter whether in cold winter or in equatorial countries, smart driving head-up display devices with Micro LED screens as the main material have been widely used.

Obviously, there are more application fields for Micro LED screens. Galaxyav provides Micro LED screen products of various types and performances for different users in many countries and regions around the world. If you want to know whether your industry and products can gain greater commercial value with a Micro LED screen, please click the button below to contact us, we will give you more free case descriptions and solutions

Application field of Micro LED screen-theme park

Theme Park

Application field of Micro LED screen-sports


Application field of Micro LED screen-simulation


Application field of Micro LED screen-planetarium


Application field of Micro LED screen-museum


Application field of Micro LED screen-broadcast


Application field of Micro LED screen-airport


Application field of Micro LED screen-3d theatre

3D Theatre

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