Transparent LED Screen

Transparent LED display is a special type of LED display, which gradually became popular in the LED display market after 2017. The transparent LED display makes the light board into a hollow state, which can achieve 50% transparency. We usually call this grid-like transparent display a transparent LED display.

There are usually two ways to make transparent LED displays. The first is to add a hollow design to the traditional LED display, and then match the new light-emitting patch, drive circuit, control system and module structure to achieve the effect of a transparent LED display. The second is to achieve the effect of a transparent LED display by making the LED display lamp beads emit light on the side.

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A transparent LED display is one of the new LED display products developed by Galaxyav. This is a new type of flat display technology. By hollowing out the light board of the LED display panel, the entire transparent LED display becomes crystal clear when viewed from the front. Galaxyav’s transparent LED display has been successfully applied in many playgrounds, shopping malls, shopping centers, educational institutions and professional conference rooms around the world.

As an important part of the audio-visual system integration project, transparent LED displays have more advantages than traditional LEDs in terms of energy consumption, color performance, and viewing angle width. If you need to install a transparent LED display or have any plans for audio-visual system integration projects, please contact our staff. We will provide you with free project consultation and product parameter information about transparent LED displays.

What is a Transparent LED Screen?

A transparent LED display is a special kind of LED display, it uses a transparent hollow panel so that the light-emitting unit on the LED display panel can emit light from the side. Under the management of the content control system of the LED display, it can realize the perfect display of static picture content or dynamic video effect. At the same time, the front of the display, because of its transparent hollow feature, will not block the objects behind the LED display. It can further display the products sold while attracting customers’ attention, and further enhancing the value of commercial advertisements. Therefore, transparent LED displays are favored by more customers in the field of commercial advertisements.

Transparent LED display is a kind of LED glass screen, but it has more product advantages. In terms of the overall transparency of the screen, the overall installation weight of the product, the convenience of installation and operation, and the power consumption loss of equipment operation, transparent LED displays have better performance. Galaxyav’s transparent LED display has been successfully applied in various shopping malls, performance stages, transparent curtain walls of buildings, super large exhibitions, brand promotion display windows, public transportation hubs, scenic information guidance stations and other places and fields.

Transparent LED Screen

Advantages of Transparent LED Screen

LED screen with higher wall transparency

Galaxyav’s transparent LED display can reach 55%~93% transparency, allowing people to see the content behind the LED display more clearly. The traditional LED display window blocks the customer’s sight, while the transparent LED display allows customers to appreciate the advertising content and be attracted by the products in the store. At the same time, the natural light from the outside can also shine into the interior, making the indoor lighting environment more comfortable, further attracting customers’ attention and increasing the possibility of customers entering the store to buy.

LED screen with higher wall transparency
Transparent LED Screen have More convenient modular design

More convenient modular design

In order to facilitate the design and installation of the overall transparent LED display project, the transparent LED display panels produced by Galaxyav have 2 standard sizes: 1000mm x 500mm x 30mm (39.37″ x 19.685″ x 1.18″) and 960mm x 480mm x30mm (37.395″ x 18.897″ x 1.18″).

Because the transparent LED display is lighter than the traditional LED display panel, under the same maximum installation weight of the frame, the transparent LED display can achieve a larger area. The standardized transparent LED display can complete the splicing at a faster speed, and even if there is a failure during use, it is convenient to replace with a substitute, further reducing your use and maintenance costs.

Let the LED display content be highlighted

When the transparent LED display is deployed in an outdoor environment, it is necessary to consider the impact of the strong light from the outside on the content of the LED screen. In order to better display the content of the transparent LED display, Galaxyav increases the brightness of the transparent LED display panel to 6000 nits.

The bright LED screen allows people to clearly see the content on the transparent LED display panel at a longer distance. This wonderful content performance is far superior to traditional LED displays, laser projectors, and LCD displays.

Transparent LED Screen with Lighter installation weight

Lighter installation weight

The previous glass transparent display has a heavy weight and is not suitable for high-altitude or hanging LED advertising displays. Usually glass transparent display screens are applied to the exterior wall structure of buildings to display advertisements in the form of curtain walls. In order to solve this problem, the new transparent LED display focuses on reducing the weight of each transparent LED display panel. At present, Galaxyav has reduced the weight of a single transparent LED display panel to less than 1.2kg, which makes the project application of hanging transparent LED display and large transparent LED advertising display possible.

Transparent LED display has longer service life

Although LED screen manufacturers claim that the service life of their products can reach 100,000 hours, different use environments and maintenance conditions have a great impact on the service life of LED screens. In order to prolong the service life of the transparent LED display, Galaxyav has made great technological innovations in the light-emitting chips of the LED screen panel, the materials used for the frame, the heat dissipation treatment under full-load operation, and the pulse voltage protection.

For each transparent LED display in an audio-visual system integration project, Galaxyav has compiled a specific use and maintenance manual for customers. Under normal use, the failure rate of the transparent LED display is extremely low, thus prolonging the service life of the entire audio-visual system integration project.

Transparent LED display has longer service life

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