Flexible LED Screen

A flexible LED screen is a type of display that is made up of a series of small, light-emitting diodes (LEDs) that are mounted on a flexible, bendable substrate. This allows the screen to be molded and shaped into various forms, making it ideal for use in applications where a traditional, rigid LED screen might not be suitable. Flexible LED screens can be used for a wide range of applications, including indoor and outdoor advertising, stage and event displays, and interactive installations. They are highly durable and energy efficient and can be used to display high-definition video and images with a wide color gamut.

GalaxyAV - Professional Flexible LED Screen Manufacturer & Supplier

GalaxyAV is a professional Audio-video manufacturer. We have gradually grown into a professional LED screen supplier with independent design, production, processing, and maintenance of various models and performances. In unique LED display project customization and audio-visual system integration projects, our  LED video wall and immersive dome LED screen have always been the technical benchmark in the industry.

GalaxyAV has a large-scale LED display manufacturing base with advanced facilities capable of producing various flexible displays. These screens that have passed the strict quality control system have laid the foundation for us to successfully deliver various audio-visual system integration projects worldwide. We are fully capable of providing you with any flexible LED display you need.

What is a Flexible LED Video Display?

The working principle of Flexible LED display is different from that of traditional LED display. The difference between them is that the flexible LED display fixes the lamp beads on the rubber plate. Because rubber is soft and supple, flexible LED displays can be suitable for various complex installation environments. Multiple regular or irregular flexible LED displays are connected according to installation design requirements to play high-definition video content, called flexible LED video display

A flexible LED video display can be a simple cylindrical shape for advertising in shopping malls or an irregularly curved Mobius ring. Currently, the most common flexible LED video display adopts magnetic suction technology, which seamlessly splices multiple flexible displays according to the needs of audio-visual integration projects. Compared with traditional LED video display, flexible LED video display has the following advantages:

  • Flexible and changeable creative design
  • It saves a lot of installation space and facilitates the compact design
  • Suitable for complex and irregular space design
  • The flexible display LED display’s size, size, and pixel pitch can be freely customized.
  • Flexible display LED display can be easily disassembled, installed, and transported
  • Later maintenance and maintenance are more convenient, and the cost of use is lower.
What is a Flexible LED Video Display

GalaxyAV LED Display Types

Flexible LED Display Panel

This is GalaxyAV’s first truly bendable Flexible LED display panel. It’s successful research and development have made GalaxyAV one of the few industry leaders capable of independent design and delivering immersive dome LED screen projects ideally.

This flexible LED display can realize a miniature LED dome screen with a maximum tarsal angle of 180° and a minimum diameter of 0.6 meters. What is commendable is its lightweight design and thin, flexible LED screen thickness, which makes the whole dome LED screen project light. This benefit allows large-scale dome-type LED screen projects to be successfully constructed without considering the dire consequences of too heavy an overall screen.

Flexible LED Display Panel

Flexible LED Display Pro Panel

Flexible LED Display Pro is an upgraded version of Flexible LED display, which comprehensively improves almost all product performance. The colour consistency reaches 92%, the screen refresh rate reaches 7680Hz, and the colour gamut is as high as DCI-P3 99%.

Flexible LED Display Pro has several versions with different LED display pixel pitches. GalaxyAV can customize different Flexible LED display pro panels with p1.5, P1.6, P1.9, P2.5, P3.1, P4.1 and P6.2 specifications. These flexible display panels can give you a circular shape with a diameter as small as 1.2 meters.

If you want a higher display resolution for flexible displays, then the P1.25 version is the best solution. Because the LED display panel has rigid bending, it can achieve a minimum circular diameter of 1.9 meters.

Flexible LED Display Pro Panel
Flexible LED Display Pro Panel

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7 advantages of flexible LED screens

Creative display

With the modular installation method, the flexible LED screen can be designed into various irregular shapes for creative display, showing the unique artistic atmosphere of your enterprise. Flexible LED screens allow you to unleash your creativity and easily create designs that are consistent with your business and the products or services you offer.

Freely customizable

The malleability of flexible LED screens allows you to personalize the products you buy from LED manufacturers in terms of size, shape and pixel pitch. Since you can easily customize the pixel pitch, brightness, and shape on these displays, you can easily create great designs that meet customer needs and engage your audience with your business

Suitable for 3D LED screen

As a new direction of display technology, 3D LED screen has gained great attention and results this year. To present the naked-eye 3D visual effect, the LED screen needs to be bent into a certain arc (90 degrees), which is what the flexible LED screen can achieve. The 3D LED screen is very good to bring a stronger visual impact to the audience, which plays a huge role in promoting your business growth and brand influence.

Easy to install and replace

The installation of flexible LED panel video screens is not limited to closed cabinets. LED video walls are achieved by stitching each individual module together magnetically for seamless panel integration. Eliminate space constraints and magnetic snap-on design to ensure quick installation, replacement, storage and transportation of soft LED screens. Additionally, flexible LED screens are made of materials designed to withstand extreme compression and resist twisting of any kind, which aids in challenging installation jobs that require multiple twists.


The flexible LED screen requires no steel support for maximum flexibility, so it is lighter and thinner than traditional LED screens. The lightweight flexible LED display can be installed on the top of the building without worrying about the load-bearing problem. It can also be made into an immersive dome dome to improve the viewing experience

Wide range of application scenarios

Due to its light weight and easy installation and replacement, the flexible LED screen can be easily fixed in any indoor scene, such as shopping malls, hotels, stadiums, as well as outdoor stages, concerts, etc. . Create a lively atmosphere to interact with the live audience


As a business, finding cost-effective display solutions is always a top priority. This is where flexible LED displays come into play. Flexible LED screen prices were originally designed to be cost-effective due to the reduced steel frame structure and are overall a great investment as they maximize your business growth.

Flexible LED Display Solutions

Giant Curved LED Advertising Screen

Giant Curved LED Advertising Screen

The giant curved LED advertising screen is composed of multiple standard-sized flexible led displays, and the multiple flexible displays are assembled together through magnetic suction technology to form a seamlessly spliced giant curved LED display. You can customize the size of your giant curved advertising screen according to the actual needs of the project, so that users can have an in-depth understanding of the wonderful content of the advertisement you need to spread.

On the back of the giant curved LED display, we have added a special heat dissipation processor to ensure that the giant curved LED advertising screen can dissipate heat in time when it is working, thereby further prolonging the service life of the giant curved LED advertising screen.

Giant LED advertising screen in shopping malls

Advertising resources in large shopping malls are very scarce, and placing exquisite shopping advertisement content can greatly promote consumer purchases. The unique design of the flexible LED display can give new vitality to the advertisement.

Using multi-layer circular or uniquely shaped LED displays attracts many consumers with different angles and content display methods. These uniquely shaped flexible LED displays themselves are the focus of the shopping mall, which can greatly promote the improvement of advertising effects and further promote the transaction volume of the shopping mall.

Giant LED advertising screen in shopping malls

Unique shape flexible LED display

In the atmosphere experience hall and activity center, some traditional content display methods cannot achieve the expected display effect very well. Choosing flexible led display can express the designer’s design concept in a completely different way.

Galaxyav successfully used the flexible LED display to simulate the real scene of the tropical rainforest. Whether it is the change of light or the propagation of sound, Galaxy AV perfectly restores the real tropical rainforest scene. Our expertise in audiovisual system integration has won us unanimous praise from our customers

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