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Flexible LED screen - witness the world from different angles

Flexible LED Panel

This Fliexible LED panel could be twisted the best product for creative solution and video sculpture. Release the designers’ infenite creativity. The first video sculpture in the world is from it and still been working well even 8 years. Pixel pitch: 1.5mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm, 4.0mm, 6,0mm.

Flex LED is specially designed for the creativity. With it you can make any shape electroinc artworks. The designers who worked with us call the flexible LED panel as LED skin as it is thin and can be attached any shaped structure like tape.

So it could also make the double screen that is our startpoint for our dome screen solution.More than 20 yeas experience flexible LED technology, make us easy to enter the LED immersive dome industry. Just like the LED magic carpet it is involuntary to.

Flex LED is real bendable LED panel can make minimal LED dome screen at 0.6 meters diameter. The biggest tarsion angle is 180.

Flexible Pro LED Panel

Flex Pro LED is fine pitch flexible LED panel specially designed for the large scale curved video wall.
Can be convex concave, but no twisted.
Galaxyavi flexible LED minimal pixel pitch can be 1.2mm. It's the smallest flexible LED in the world.

Nature curved seamless beautiful information LED video wall. Free installation, color consistency 92%, high refresh rage up to 7680Hz. Color gamut up to DCI-P3 99%.

Fine pitch, ultra thin body, flexible LED panel. Front and back access. Easy installation and maintanence.

Flex Pro LED can make minimal circular at 1.2 meters diameter for P1.5 P1.6, P1.9, P2.5, P3.1, P4.1 P6.2 bendable panels. The minimal diameter for Flex Pro P1.25 is 1.9m. But the panel is rigid curved borned with certain angles.

High resolution Curved Video Wall

Based on flexible LED technology, you can creat any shape any size creative digital signage that releashed the creators’ creativity. Based on the bendable flexible LED display, you can make seamless, nature curved LED video wall. Galaxyavi provide the high quality patented flexible LED screen more than 10 years. Galaxyavi flexible LED module minimal pixel pitch can be 1.2mm. It’s the smallest flexible LED panel in the world. We provide Reliable service, project installation, LED technology training.

Unleash Creativity

Unleash your creativity with Galaxyavi flexible LED display. Bendable, twistable flexible LED tiles can be attached on any shape metal frames. Easy installation, easy creation.

Stable & Reliable Connections

Customized ribbon cable conducts both power and data to the module via quality cables and connectors guarantee safe and reliable connections between each module.

7 advantages of flexible LED screens

Creative display

With the modular installation method, the flexible LED screen can be designed into various irregular shapes for creative display, showing the unique artistic atmosphere of your enterprise. Flexible LED screens allow you to unleash your creativity and easily create designs that are consistent with your business and the products or services you offer.

Freely customizable

The malleability of flexible LED screens allows you to personalize the products you buy from LED manufacturers in terms of size, shape and pixel pitch. Since you can easily customize the pixel pitch, brightness, and shape on these displays, you can easily create great designs that meet customer needs and engage your audience with your business

Suitable for 3D LED screen

As a new direction of display technology, 3D LED screen has gained great attention and results this year. To present the naked-eye 3D visual effect, the LED screen needs to be bent into a certain arc (90 degrees), which is what the flexible LED screen can achieve. The 3D LED screen is very good to bring a stronger visual impact to the audience, which plays a huge role in promoting your business growth and brand influence.

Easy to install and replace

The installation of flexible LED panel video screens is not limited to closed cabinets. LED video walls are achieved by stitching each individual module together magnetically for seamless panel integration. Eliminate space constraints and magnetic snap-on design to ensure quick installation, replacement, storage and transportation of soft LED screens. Additionally, flexible LED screens are made of materials designed to withstand extreme compression and resist twisting of any kind, which aids in challenging installation jobs that require multiple twists.


The flexible LED screen requires no steel support for maximum flexibility, so it is lighter and thinner than traditional LED screens. The lightweight flexible LED display can be installed on the top of the building without worrying about the load-bearing problem. It can also be made into an immersive dome dome to improve the viewing experience

Wide range of application scenarios

Due to its light weight and easy installation and replacement, the flexible LED screen can be easily fixed in any indoor scene, such as shopping malls, hotels, stadiums, as well as outdoor stages, concerts, etc. . Create a lively atmosphere to interact with the live audience


As a business, finding cost-effective display solutions is always a top priority. This is where flexible LED displays come into play. Flexible LED screen prices were originally designed to be cost-effective due to the reduced steel frame structure and are overall a great investment as they maximize your business growth.

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