LED Immersive Dome VS Flat LED Display

In fact, the LED immersive dome and the flat LED screen are the same in the principle of the display,are displayed by controlling the full-color LED lamp bead. The display quality of the two can reach the same level, the only difference between them is in the shape that one is a plane, another is globular. Besides, the two basically include the following major parts: LED module, LED power supply, LED control system, and LED cabinet & structure.

The main reason why the cost of an LED immersive dome is much higher than that of a flat LED display is the production cost problem. In the market, after years of the commercialization process, LED flat screen has basically realized standardized production from the source to the finished product, reducing the cost to the lowest degree, and even price transparency.

While different from LED flat screen, LED dome screen is composed of a variety of LED modules of different shapes, and basically belongs to customized production, so the cost is higher. At present, the market is still in the initial stage of development, market demand is low, and the LED immersive dome will still maintain a high-cost model for several years.

Difference in module aspects

The LED module is the main component of the display and is also the main cost. A display screen is composed of a huge number of LED modules, ranging from thousands to tens of thousands or even one hundred thousand.LED modules account for 70% to 80% of the cost of the entire LED display.

Conventional LED display screen is mainly composed of rectangular standardized LED modules. Thousands of square meters of the display may only need one kind of specification of LED module, which is enough. However, the LED dome screen is composed of non-rectangular LED modules, including trapezoid, triangle, and other all kinds of shapes modules, and the module size is also different.

conventional led module

conventional led module

dome screen module

dome screen module

The process for customizing a non-standardized module of the same size is Design – proofing – test – mass production. In the early stage of design, proofing, and testing, the total cost is about 40,000 to 100,000 RMB. For conventional LED display screens, the cost can be negligible. But it is a huge expense for an LED immersive dome because it needs a lot of customized modules.

For example, for a 20m-diameter dome screen, the number of required customized modules is 100 or so (limited by industrial conditions), so the customized cost of only one full set of modules is up to one million. Moreover, the production process for irregular shapes of modules is also much more complicated. So even if it is the mass production of custom modules, the cost is also more expensive than that of the standardized modules.

Flexible features of dome screen module

Another biggest difference between an LED immersive dome and an LED flat screen is that an LED dome screen must consist of a curved/flexible LED module, so as to form a perfect surface without gaps. If forced to use hard LED module splicing, seam and break angle will be left on the dome screen, affecting the viewing effect.

The flexible LED module itself has certain technical difficulties, and the materials used for production are also very strict. One careless move may cause irreparable damage. Galaxyavi got to where we are today because of years of exploration. The initial version of the flexible LED module is a combination of hard and soft solutions that can only be bent horizontally. It took years of experimentation and exploration to create a flexible LED module that could be bent freely but was limited to large-pitch LED displays. It wasn’t until about 7 years ago that we developed a fine pitch LED module that can be bent freely, which opened up the global flexible LED market.

Galaxyavi has rich experience in flexible LED modules for more than 15 years, providing services for customers from famous companies worldwide, including BBC, CNN, Disney, etc.In the field of high-end flexible LED displays, Galaxyavi is unique and always in the lead. The main reasons are:

  1. Reliable quality. We choose the current international leading PFC technology process to produce flexible PCB, improving the stability of the internal structure of a flexible LED modules.
  2. Galaxyavi is ahead of other flexible LED manufacturers in product performance. Galaxyavi provides services for radio stations worldwide. In order to meet the requirements of high standards of studios, we choose international high-quality electronic materials. At the same time, in order to maximize the performance of LED, all the circuit boards are designed by our experienced engineers, no matter in the selection of materials or in the design, the final scheme is made after countless polishing and testing.

Difference in control ways

The conventional LED display screen is a regular rectangular module screen, which can maximize the use of the display system. However, the dome screen needs to consider the problem of assembling different modules. Taking the optimization of the picture quality as the first condition, so the control system cost is higher.

Difference in structure aspects

The Conventional LED display screen is also similar to the module in structure, which can be cut into the same dimension for standardized production, fully mechanized operation, or even produced by die casting.

cabinet for conventional display screen
die-casting cabinet for conventional display screen

While the dome screen is different. In order to match different sizes of modules, it may need to produce a dozen of different shapes of cabinets. And in the production process of cabinets, the machine must work cooperatively with handwork, resulting in the cost is higher than that of the conventional display cabinet.

the cabinet structure of led dome screen
the cabinet structure of led dome screen

To sum up: The above reasons cause a huge difference in cost between LED immersive dome and flat LED display. Although the picture quality of the dome screen is the same as that of the planar LED display, the immersive experience brought by the LED dome screen is incomparable. The such an extreme viewing experience will also attract more fans, so it has huge commercial value. In the future, with the cost reduction brought by the commercialization process, it will be a trend that LED immersive dome replaced flat LED displays.

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