LED Screen Rental

What is LED screen rental?

Due to the high price and low frequency of use of large-scale LED displays screen, the single-use cost of large-scale stage performances, outdoor performances, and video playback will be unacceptable.

In order to solve this problem, many LED screen manufacturers and wholesalers have launched LED screen rental businesses. The LED display panels with high resolution and vivid colors are designed and assembled according to the needs of users, providing users with perfect image and video display effects.

This LED screen rental method not only saves the user’s single-use cost, but also solves the problem of market share for LED screen manufacturers and wholesalers, and has developed rapidly in recent years.

Galaxy AV is the global leader in LED video wall and dome LED screen. We have more than 20 years of professional experience in the field of LED screen design and manufacturing. Among thousands of LED screen projects around the world, we have provided various types of LED display products with satisfactory high-performance, commercial grade, and ultra-high cost performance. Whether it is an ultra-clear LED screen with 0.6mm pixel spacing or a movie-grade ultra-high resolution MicroLED video wall for virtual scene shooting, we can easily and professionally deliver the project. Especially in the field of dome LED screen, based on our leading technology in flexible LED screen, dome LED screen is the industry benchmark from design to final project delivery and is undoubtedly the first in the LED screen industry.

The benefits of display rental

The LED screen used for rental is usually designed with a die-cast aluminum box, so that the overall LED screen can become thinner and lighter, which is convenient for the rapid transportation, construction and disassembly of the LED screen wall. Especially in some large-scale concerts and outdoor activities, in order to better synchronously control the content presentation of the LED screen, GalaxyAV adopts various types of input interfaces including DVI/VGA/HDMI/MP4. It can play images, video, text, etc. The overall LED screen can be displayed in real time with a clearer picture, and there is no picture stuck or inconsistent sound and animation.

In order to facilitate the installation and disassembly of the performance site, GalaxyAV adopts a modular integrated design for the LED screen. Each LED screen display module is fixed and linked by quick bolts, so that a seamless connection between multiple LED screens can be achieved.

Whether you want to rent a complete set of LED screen equipment or want to buy LED screen equipment for the led screen rental business, GalaxyAV can provide you with the perfect LED products and solutions. In more than 20 years of LED screen design, production and installation, we have successfully provided various products and services for the LED screen rental market, and have won unanimous praise from customers.

The following are some of the advantages of our LED screen products and the benefits you can get from LED screen equipment rental

Why choose our LED screen for rental

Non-standard aspect ratios

While the system supports HD and 4K Ultra HD , you can also assemble the display modules into any configuration , including portrait or landscape arrays. A single controller can control 3840 x2160 ( 4K*2K ). A confiquration of 7680*2160 ( 8K*2K) requires two controllers . You can even build non-rectangular configurations that take advantage of unique spaces and opportunities.

Manageable array size

With some LED displays , a Full HD installation is just too large and 4K is out of the question . But with Galaxyavi’s display , a 4K Ultra HD array is only 135 inches diagonal and about five feet high , yet has a viewing distance much closer than other wall systems.

Intelligent design Smart at every step

We took an uncompromising approach to develop an intelligently designed LED video wall solution that eliminates the major pain points of traditional LED display technology from installation to maintenance and servcing to operation, Micro Tiles LED works smarter so you don’t have to.

Color Gamut:90% REC2020; 110% DCI-P3

Micro LEDS is another step towards more realistic Images. Galaxyavi team is always going after in color:” Redder” reds, “greener” greens, “bluer” blues, brighter and more. In the place you will enjoy richer, more lifelike colors than you’ve ever seen.

High frame rate

Maximum 144HZ fps High refresh rate. No details lost, no giddy duringhigh speed motion ideal for sports, games and simulation.

Successful case of GalaxyAV LED screen rental

Sophia Hotel’s LED screen video wall rental project in Kansas 

Westin Hotel’s LED screen video wall rental project in Melbourne

Radisson Lexington Hotel’s LED screen video wall rental project in Auckland

Large LED screen rental for the concert in Los Angeles

LED screen rental project for Strawberry Music Festival

LED screen rental project for sports venues

If you want to know more about the successful rental project of GalaxyAV LED screen, please click the button below to contact our staff

Precautions for rental of LED display screen

When you need to rent an LED display screen for various projects, a careful comparison should be made when facing numerous LED screen manufacturers or commercial rental companies. To distinguish whether it has formal qualifications and personnel technical support, a good leasing company must not only provide first-class equipment, but also personnel technology can not be ignored. This is very important for customers. Once there is a problem at the event site, it can be timely. solving issues. As far as the current market trend is concerned, customers will choose to directly contact the manufacturer of the LED screen for the overall design of the project and product rental.

Before leasing an LED screen, you should also know the equipment brands that the rental company can provide, in order to understand the relevant equipment parameters and quality assurance services of the LED screen. A good-quality LED screen not only has a good display effect, but also has soft light so that the eyes will not be so tired when watching for a long time, and the good stability can ensure that the event will not be affected when the event is held.

Different brands and models of LED screen equipment have different prices. The rental company should quote based on indoor or outdoor, rental duration, and LED screen size. If it is a special-shaped screen, the construction difficulty and technical cost will be high, so the price will also increase. Fortunately, GalaxyAV has a unique technology in the field of flexible LED display screens, and we have greatly reduced the cost of use for the LED screen rental project. As a manufacturer of LED screens, our brand owners have become leaders in their local LED screen rental market after purchasing our products

Obviously, some companies engaged in the LED screen rental business do not necessarily have very professional technical personnel. Especially in some super-large projects or LED screen sites with special needs, the technicians of the leasing company may not be able to solve the related problems encountered in these projects. This requires the manufacturers of these LED screen equipment to exclude senior technical engineers to coordinate and solve these problems on-site. After more than 20 years of development, GalaxyAV has trained a large number of senior technical engineers, who can perfectly solve any problems encountered in the LED screen rental project for you.


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