LEDPro for large LED display

The LEDPro display - Best virtual scene which you want

Powered by industry-leading technology and custom engineering. Feel free to create outside the box.

Superior color purity

The wall brings your business to life through immaculate colors in their purest form. Narrower wavelengths produce RGB colors two times purer and more accurate than conventional LEDs.

An abyss of depth

A true black background blankets the screen with perfect uniformity, creating a seamless canvas for purer black levels with enhanced depth that delivers unparalled contrast and immaculate detail.

Shutter Fit

Supports synchronization of LED display refresh rate and camera shutter parameters, allowing the LED display to automatically adapt to camera expo-sure time and frequency, alleviating scan lines.

High Frame Rate

Supports high frame rates up to 120Hz, 144Hz, oreven 240Hz. This allows smooth representation of video featuring high-speed moving objects.

Support frame multiplexing​

Utilize low scan technology High frame rate up to 240Hz. To meet the filmmakers’ high efficient shoot work, one shoot but multi contents. It provides more possibilities for future film work.

True black surface

An exceptionally black base plus ultra-low reflection black technology deliver pure black for unparalleled contrast and detail.

High brightness LEDPro X

LEDPro X brightness up to 2000nits. Can create a extreme ideal LED volume or use to semi-outdoor installation.

Ultra high contrast more details

Before After

True black surface&ultra low reflection LED technology delivr the extreme bright and sharp images.

HDR+ technology

Before After

The high dynamic range(HDR) is new generation technology for media image enhancement that makes the image more lifelike and clear. More information at the high lights and darks.

The premier solution for virtual studio.

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Impress your attendees

Never lack the great creators, but the way which storytelling has should be better. Galaxyavi provide the immersive AV solution that the people never experienced.

Meticulous care

Get the thoughtful service from the pre-project design consultation and cost estimate to the project engineering support. We have the leading AV technology partners from audio, interaction, media, construction to provide full stack AV solution.

Reliable quality

It’s related with not only what we use, but who we are. Our technology engineers have been focusing on the high-end LED display solution more than 20 years.

Guarantee of your investment

Galaxyavi provide high quality LED display products with 3 years warranty for free. And extendable warranty up to 8 years. Our most crazy item is 10 years. This is best way to protect your sustainable development investment.


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