The best and stunning experience

Ditch the dated technology and save your people from the tiring look . Direct view LEDdome screen will bring the impressive immersive experience that people never had before . Attract and keep people to stay here and talk about more their feeling

The future planetarium

Direct view LED dome absolutely solve the problem of the projection dome screen image. The first problem is about the image contrast. LED dome screen has at least 1000 times better image contrast than projection dome. The grey picture will never show the stunning contents for viewers. The real world does never have a lens or white background.

Brightness and details

For projection dome system, the further project distance the lower brightness and lose more details. Direct view LED dome doesn’t have this problem. And LED can keep the sharp and bright image capacity for 5 years or longer.

Unlimited Viewing angle

The perfect immersive experience shouldn’t have a visible demarcation line to tell people that you are outing of the picture please go back. The projection angle is 120° or 180°. However projection dome screen always come with a line around the space. The LED dome screen can cover the entire planetarium sphere surface 180° or 210° even 360°. In this way, people can  really immerse themselves in the virtual world.


The resolution is a very important factor for dome screen. In the dome community, we call the pixels across the dome arc as resolution. The popular number is 6K, 8K, 10K or few 12K in the projection era. Then how about the LED dome. Based on our patented flexible LED technology, GalaxyAV has tested successfully P1.5mm LED dome. What does that mean? It means we can make the highest resolution dome at 19K (19141 pixels across the dome arc) on 60ft diameter.


Increase Investment Value

The way of LED dome bring more attractive thing to capture eyes. Much longer lifespan totally match the investment purpose.

High Quality

GalaxyAV first dome demo was produced at 2018. Still working very well in our showroom after 4 years at 2022. We provide 3 years warranty for free. And extendable warranty up to 8 years to protect valued your investment.

Easy maintenance

Remote power management and all panels mounted with magnets are easy access.

Reliable service

GalaxyAV provide the service from preliminary project design and evaluation to the project engineering installation and free inspection every year after installation.

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Impress your attendees

Never lack the great creators, but the way which storytelling has should be better. Galaxyavi provide the immersive AV solution that the people never experienced.

Meticulous care

Get the thoughtful service from the pre-project design consultation and cost estimate to the project engineering support. We have the leading AV technology partners from audio, interaction, media, construction to provide full stack AV solution.

Reliable quality

It’s related with not only what we use, but who we are. Our technology engineers have been focusing on the high-end LED display solution more than 20 years.

Guarantee of your investment

Galaxyavi provide high quality LED display products with 3 years warranty for free. And extendable warranty up to 8 years. Our most crazy item is 10 years. This is best way to protect your sustainable development investment.


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