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The screen is the most important part of dome system. The quality of the screen directly decides the experience of audiences. The low quality screen never bring stunning content to attendees.


Instead of projection system, LED screen bring better image quality and save a lot of energy for program and maintenance. LED screen brightness can reach to 500nits. The value is almost equal to 21pcs 15,000lumen projectors in one 65ft dome. At the meanwhile, LED has wider color gamut, higher contrast, longer lifespan. No blending and no calibration after installation.


The main work for maintenance is just to replace one spare panel in few minutes. Fault panels can be sent to factory to repair. So there is almost no maintenance cost.


LED has a much longer lifespan than projection. Its typical value is 100,000 hours. The good quality LED with a very low damping can keep a high brightness and color uniformity for 5 years even 8 years. This feature greatly increases the return on investment.

Before After Projection Dome Image

The immersive dome of the future

Go back through the history of the dome system which is based on outdated projectors for more than 30 years. People are losing interest to come in the facility and are tired of the lusterless movies. With extensive experience with flexible LED technology, Galaxy AV successfully brings the visual power of LED pictures to the dome screen. Galaxy AV ensures that the movie contents have been never displayed to people like this before by brilliant LED quality and an infinite contrast ratio

How it captures eyes ?

Thousands of flexible non-rectangleLED panels are attached on the frame to create a nature curved dome screen. Inborn advantages of LED screen the vibrant and stunning image creates an extreme reality immersive space. All of the panels are perforated for acoustic transparency. With this feature, we can make excellent surround sound situation.

How it can be worth ?

Instead of projection system, LED screen brings better immersive experience and storytelling. The features of stable quality of LED makes the dome screen almost one-time investment. Cost of treatment is almost zero. No blending and no calibration after installation. GalaxyAV provides 5-8 years warranty for the dome system.


Resolution LED dome resolution is a very important factor. We define the resolution of LED dome by a pixel count or pixels across the dome arc. Each LED dome screen is customized, we provide a wide selection space for resolution even could be accurate to a dot. We can provide a most suitable resolution according to the application requirements. Investors can adjust the resolution a little up and down according to the budget.


The immersive dome theater is a complicated system, including huge LED dome system, 4D seat system and audio system. The media and audio should be created based on the shape and size of the LED dome screen, and the sound system. All the contents will be edited and sent to the media server to process and transfer (distribute) to the LED dome player, 4D seat controller and audio processor. The seat system will sync with the dome content to give you the feeling of the movie’s motion, jolts, pokes, wind, water and even scents. All the components constitute a perfect immersive environment and bring attendees a fantastic exclamatory exploration.


Thousands of flexible non-rectangle LED panels are attached on the frame to create a nature curved dome screen. All of the panels are perforated for acoustic transparency. Take this feature, we can create excellent surround sound environment. Inborn advantages of LED screen make the images Vibrant and stunning. Features High brightness. 500nits is a best value for immersive environment. High resolution. Wide selection space for resolution. Such as 65ft diameter dome, we can provide options ranging from 25,120,000 to 245,312,500 for total pixels. Extreme contrast. The LED dome screen is totally black when it’s off. Screen contrast rate is 10,000:1. Color uniformity. The whole screen is in one batch that can make sure the all panels optical properties are same. Long lifespan. The LED typical lifespan is 100,000 hours. Perforated LED panels provide top to 95% acoustic transparency.

LED Dome screen

Surrounding sound system

Audio accounts for 50 percent of the theater experience. That's why your sound system and room acoustics are every bit as important as the immersive image. GalaxyAV abandon the simple background sound at the beginning and explore the excellent surround sound system for the flying theater. Take GalaxyAV unique flexible perforated screen, we solved the acoustic issued from the back of screen. GalaxyAV surround sound system has speakers on left, right, center, up and down, even on the back of the attendees. Step into the scene of your favorite shows and the best media. Connect more deeply with the characters and story when you experience your entertainment in GalaxyAV LED theater.

What resolution we can do

After the manufacture product verification, the minimal pixel pitch on the dome can be 1.5mm. That means we can make a 24K( 24,073 pixels on the dome arc) resolution LED dome at 75ft (23m) diameter.

What size we can do

Theoretically the size is unlimited if there is one strong enough support tructure. The minimal size we suggest is 3m diameter cause that is minimal space for one person. GalaxyAV provides the customized service for dome system of any size in a wide ranging resolution.

Storytelling in a Better way.

LED Dome Specification

Dimension(Dome Diameter) 5-60m
Resolution(Dome arc pixels) 4k~8k~16k~32k
Brightness Typ/Max 200nit/500nit
Color Depth 12bit
Contrast 500,000:1
Color Gamut DCI-P3 100%;sRGB 140%
Acoustic Perforated rate 50%~95%
Power distribution Aver./Max 135W/㎡ / 480W/㎡
Real-time interactive/Live show Support / Support
Frame Rate 30Hz,50Hz,60Hz,120Hz
Refresh Rate 1920Hz~3840Hz
LED Lifespan(Half Brightness) 100,000Hz
LED Dome

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GalaxyAV provide high quality LED products with 3 years warranty for free. And extendable warranty up to 8 years. Our most crazy item is 10 years. This is best way to protect your sustainable development investment.

Nature curved and flat video wall

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