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The Micro LED - A window closer to the real world

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Powered by industry-leading technology and custom engineering. Feel free to create outside the box.

100% protection of the screen , moisture-proof and dust-proof, anti-corrosion and anti-static, anti-stress and anti-collision.
Updates HDR10 by adding dynamic metadata that can be used to more accurately adjust brightness levels up to 10,000 nits maximum brightness on a scene-by-scene or frame-by-frame basis.

Manageable array size

With some LED displays , a Full HD installation is just too large and 4K is out of the question . But with GalaxyAV’s display , a 4K Ultra HD array is only 135 inches diagonal and about five feet high , yet has a viewing distance much closer than other wall systems.

Intelligent design Smart at every step

We took an uncompromising approach to develop an intelligently designed video wall solution that eliminates the major pain points of traditional LED technology from installation to maintenance and servcing to operation, Micro Tiles LED works smarter so you don’t have to.
Intelligent design Smart MicroLED

Nearly 180° viewing angle

On a personal display like a smartphone, viewing angle is no big deal. But on a giant display, it’s a major concern. GalaxyAV delivers a viewing angle close to a perfect 180° with no brightness drop-off or color shift.

Color Gamut:90% REC2020; 110% DCI-P3

Micro LEDS is another step towards more realistic Images. GalaxyAV team is always going after in color:” Redder” reds, “greener” greens, “bluer” blues, brighter and more. In the place you will enjoy richer, more lifelike colors than you’ve ever seen.
High Frame Rate

High frame rate

Maximum 144HZ fps High refresh rate. No details lost, no giddy duringhigh speed motion ideal for sports, games and simulation.

Incredible Contrast : Truly black

By featuring true black colors , GalaxyAV Micro LED offers viewers the most detail-rich and vivid content environment possible . Contrast ratio is more than 500,000 : 1-far beyond the reach of conventional surface mounted LEDS . By minimizing the reflection of ambient light , the GalaxyAV Micro LED holds up well in brightly lit real estate showrooms , corporate lobbies and television studios . And when ambient light is low , the picture looks even more amazing.
non-standard MicroLED

Non-standard aspect ratios

While the system supports HD and 4K Ultra HD , you can also assemble the display modules into any configuration , including portrait or landscape arrays. A single controller can control 3840 x2160 ( 4K*2K ). A confiquration of 7680*2160 ( 8K*2K) requires two controllers . You can even build non-rectangular configurations that take advantage of unique spaces and opportunities.

True 4K power

Before After

GalaxyAV MicroLED can make any seamless ultra high resolution displays. But the true not only means the resolution. Should have perfect digital scene preduction capacity. Like @4:4:4 @60/120Hz

HDR+ image technology

Before After

The High Dynamic Range(HDR) is new generation technology for media image enhancement that makes the image more lifelike and clear. More information at the highlights and darks.

MicroLED the window closer to the real world.

MicroLED Specification

Pixel Pitch 0.78125mm 0.9375mm 1.25mm
4K(3840*2160) Size/m*m 135" (3x1.69m) 162" (3.6x2.02m) 216" (4.8x2.7m)
4K Display weight /kg 106 153 272
Max Consumption /kw 3.2 4.5 8
Ave. Consumption/kw 1.2 1.7 3.1
Brightness(after calibration) 0-600nit
H. View Angle >170°
Color Gamut ≥100% DIC-P3
Contrast 500,000:1
LED Panel Resolution 384*432 320*360 240*270
Pixel Density(dot/m²) 1638400 1137778 640000
LED Panel Size 11.81"*13.29", 300mm*337.5mm
Protection(front) IP65
Operating Temperature ﹣10℃-+40℃/10%RH-85%RH
Storage Temperature ﹣40℃-+60℃/10%RH-60%RH
MicroLED Display

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Never lack the great creators, but the way which storytelling has should be better. GalaxyAV provide the immersive AV solution that the people never experienced.

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Get the thoughtful service from the pre-project design consultation and cost estimate to the project engineering support. We have the leading AV technology partners from audio, interaction, media, construction to provide full stack AV solution.

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It’s related with not only what we use, but who we are. Our technology engineers have been focusing on the high-end LED solution more than 20 years.

Guarantee of your investment

GalaxyAV provide high quality LED products with 3 years warranty for free. And extendable warranty up to 8 years. Our most crazy item is 10 years. This is best way to protect your sustainable development investment.

Nature curved and flat video wall

DCI-P3 color gamut

Safety certification compliant

Brompton&Megapixel XR compatible

Video sculpture design and delivery


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