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The direct view LED is a digital display with thousands of red, green, blue Light Emitting Diodes to create a brighter, higher contrast, seamless and unlimited scale display. That can be used for indoor, outdoor digital signage size ranging from few square meters to thousands. The full color LED display is growing rapidly in every industry since it was born. Now based on our flexible LED technology, the Direct view LED can be used everywhere that makes it possible to create LED immersive entertainment rather than projection box.


Museum/ Planetarium

LED Video Wall

Home cinema

Virtual Studio

Impress your attendees

Never lack the great creators, but the way which storytelling has should be better. Galaxyavi provide the immersive AV solution that the people never experienced.

Meticulous care

Get the thoughtful service from the pre-project design consultation and cost estimate to the project engineering support. We have the leading AV technology partners from audio, interaction, media, construction to provide full stack AV solution.

Reliable quality

It’s related with not only what we use, but who we are. Our technology engineers have been focusing on the high-end LED solution more than 20 years.

Guarantee of your investment

Galaxyavi provide high quality LED products with 3 years warranty for free. And extendable warranty up to 8 years. Our most crazy item is 10 years. This is best way to protect your sustainable development investment.


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