Stadium Audio Visual Solution

Entertainment and sports venues need HTC visual effects and clear audio because of the huge space so that viewers with poor viewing positions can get the best viewing experience. In the face of this problem, Stadium Audio Visual Solution is the first choice.

Galaxyav’s expert team provides a wide range of AV solutions for a variety of special engineering-intensive environments. In entertainment and sports venues, we use a large number of flexible LED displays with high definition, high refresh rate and high frame rate to make LED video wall.

Whether it is the real-time images of live sports or the replay of wonderful sports moments, Galaxyav’s Stadium Audio Visual Solution can perfectly display them.

Benefit of Stadium Audio Visual Solution

Wonderful sports instant replay

The stadium has a large area, and it is difficult for spectators in the distance to see some wonderful game moments clearly when a sports event is held. After enabling the Stadium Audio Visual Solution, some exciting game moments can be replayed through the LED display. Spectators in relatively remote locations can also clearly see the exciting moments of sports games through the LED display.

Wonderful sports instant replay
Stadium Audio Visual Solution

Hear clear sports commentary

When the stadium is full of spectators, it tends to be noisier. Spectators often cannot hear the commentary content of the game commentator. After the Stadium Audio Visual Solution is deployed, the commentary content of the game personnel will be broadcast using the audio system.

Surround sound audio amplification equipment can allow multiple loudspeakers in the stadium to play commentary sounds at the same time, but there will be no mutual interference of multiple sound sources.


Huge advertising revenue

Due to the large number of viewers watching live and televised broadcasts, a large number of advertisers need to place their advertising content. We can see these advertisements everywhere in sports venues. These dynamic sports event sponsorship advertisements usually use LED display screens as the display medium to achieve the purpose of attracting more attention from the audience.

In addition to the giant LED display on the top of the center of the stadium to display advertising content between games, the LED video wall around the game field is also one of the ideal choices for advertising. Under the dynamic display of the LED display screen, these advertising contents have greatly attracted the attention of the audience and greatly promoted the promotion of the commercial value of the advertisement.

Stadium Audio Visual Solution

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Stadium Audio Visual Solution

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Stadium Audio Visual Solution

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Stadium Audio Visual Solution

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Stadium Audio Visual Solution

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Stadium Audio Visual Solution

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