Conference Room Audio Visual Solution

Galaxyav offers custom LED display solutions for conference rooms with different requirements. LED Display Solutions and products from Galaxyav provide supreme visual performance that helps increase the efficiency and quality of the conference.

6 components of conference room audio visual solutions

LED Display System

As an important part of teamwork and content sharing, LED display is an indispensable part of modern conference room audio-visual solutions. High-definition content and dynamic visual effect display can effectively improve team collaboration efficiency, and can quickly capture customers’ investment intentions for project effect demonstrations.

A single LED display is the first choice for small conference rooms, but large conference room audio-visual solutions are usually equipped with more than two LED displays. Different LED displays can display the same content or switch different content interfaces respectively, which facilitates real-time images of speech content and participants.


conference room's led display system
Conference Room's Audio system

Audio System

The audio system is another indispensable part of the audio-visual solution in the modern conference room. When the conference room has a large area or a remote video conference is carried out, the audio system can clearly transmit the speaker’s voice to every participant. Even if you are in Seattle and your meeting object is in Washington, there will be no sound delay even if the distance is thousands of kilometers.

The audio system is usually equipped with two parts: a radio system and a public address system. Galaxyav’s audio system can effectively avoid noise during meetings, and achieve a surround sound effect when amplifying the sound. The audio system can be used independently of the video system. When you only need a conference call, you only need to turn off the video conversation function, thereby further reducing the cost of use and improving work efficiency.


Another important component system of audio-visual solutions during conferences is the camera. When a customer wants to have a real-time video conference with you, you need a camera to transmit the dynamic video content of your environment to the user’s display. Usually, we recommend customers to choose a camera with a 180-degree viewing angle, because a wide-angle camera can transmit more content to the display. Otherwise, participants who are close to the normal camera will not appear in the camera’s field of view.

The intelligent conference room can also choose a pan-tilt-zoom camera to intelligently adjust the wide-angle number and focus function of the camera. When a participant explains a specific project, what is displayed on the LED display at this time will be the close-up content of his explanation.

Conference Room Camera
Conference Room Control Panel

Control Panel

The control panel is the core of the conference room audio-visual solution. Whether it is the content switching of the LED display or the volume adjustment of the audio system, it can be easily completed on the control panel. The control panel is the integration of all systems and functions of the conference room audio-visual solution. When you want to transition from screen sharing presentation to a video conference, you can switch between functions with just one touch.

Galaxyav has the ability to customize your conference room audio-visual solutions, which means that some of your special functional requirements need to be integrated with the control panel in a customized form. We have dedicated programmers to write codes for these customized requirements, you only need to put forward the requirements, and we can perfectly realize everything else for you.

Signal transmission connector

Signal transmission is an important link in the conference room to realize content dissemination and demonstration. Controlling the signal transmission is the key to the success of a high-quality video conference call. Modern conference room audio-visual solutions will use wireless signal transmission systems, so there is no need to install signal transmission controllers on conference tables.

However, considering factors such as signal disorder and external interference, the wired transmission mode of signals is always a more reliable backup solution. Therefore, when meeting rooms in some important places, Galaxyav usually recommends customers to use wired signal transmission control boxes as a backup solution to ensure the smooth progress of important meetings.

Interactive Whiteboard

Ordinary whiteboards have been difficult to play a better role in the brainstorming meeting of the work team. For example, regarding the choice of color in a project design, an ordinary whiteboard cannot modify the color of the project in real-time. At this time, you need an intelligent interactive electronic whiteboard to solve this problem for you.

The interactive electronic whiteboard allows you to write in various colors, and you can also annotate and modify web pages and related documents. When the customer participates in the meeting discussion, the designer can also adjust the plan immediately according to the customer’s modification opinion, so that the customer can give a satisfactory confirmation reply. After the meeting, the stored content can also be distributed to the computers of each participant through the network, further improving the efficiency of teamwork.

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Successful cases of conference room AV solutions

Successful cases of conference room AV solutions

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Successful cases of conference room AV solutions

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Successful cases of conference room AV solutions

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Successful cases of conference room AV solutions

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Successful cases of conference room AV solutions

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Successful cases of conference room AV solutions

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