Application of small pitch flexible LED display in tourism experience projects

Project Location

Eurasia International Building in Lanzhou, Gansu Province

Project Overview

Lanzhou Asia-Europe International Sightseeing and Experience Hall, a super high-rise sightseeing and experience hall that integrates sightseeing and tourism, humanistic technology, artistic emotion, and social space, has been opened in Asia-Europe International Building. The tourism Hall focuses on parent-child, leisure, and sightseeing experience, and contains many experiential programs, among which the immersive experience center is one of them.

galaxyav 3D LED Displays High Brightness

As the only immersive A&V hardware solution provider in this project, based on experienced flexible-led technology and creative-led display solutions, Galaxyavi successfully brings the power of the flexible-led screen to creative display – immersive experience theater.

Galaxyavi successfully applied the flexible LED screen to the experience center. The flexible led display is made up of hundreds of soft LED modules. This Flexible LED panel – Flex LED Series, could be twisted into the best product for a creative solutions and video sculpture. Available pixel pitch: 1.5mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm, 4.0mm, 6,0mm.

Immersive Experience LED display Center Specification

Dimension 5m
Resolution 4k
Brightness 500nit
Color Depth 12 bit
Contrast 50000:1
Color Gamut DCI-P3 100%; sRGB 140%
Frame Rate 60Hz,120Hz
Refresh Rate 1920Hz
Pixel Pitch P1.9

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