Flying Theater Solution: The Application Of LED Dome Screen

With the continuous development of science and technology, more and more of our familiar lifestyles or scenes are changing. Take theaters, for example, more and more new technology provided new film-viewing ways for viewers. Here, Galaxyavi Systems will talk about “flying theater.”

What is a flying theater?

Flying theater is the result of continuous innovation of modern film-viewing technology, and is also a relatively new form of film-viewing in the market in recent years. It is characterized by the unique visual impact, high freedom of movement, surround sound, etc. Compared with traditional cinema, it has a more scientific and technological sense, which brings a full range of immersive experience for movie-watching users.

The flying cinema system can be directly understood as a large cantilevered dome screen theater. The robot arm controls the work seat to rise to the middle of the air, facing a large dome screen, the viewer follows this shot freely go and pass through the film. Realistic environmental simulation brings the thrill of flying, so it is called “flying theater”.

Universal Studios Beijing has an entertainment scene based on the flying theater, which is Universal Studios Beijing: Harry Potter Forbidden Journey. This is a coverall visual flying theater, where the audience can hover over Hogwarts at amazing speeds as if the “Golden Spy” is flying right in front of them!

What are the application scenarios of flying theaters?

According to the current market situation, the application scenarios of “flying theater” are mainly theme parks, comprehensive indoor entertainment, science, and technology exhibition halls, museum, and planetarium. It has the advantages of a small footprint, a strong immersive sense, and other necessary conditions such as security and stability.

At present, in the development of the cultural and tourism industry, the flying theater is a relatively new application, and the cost is controllable, the market prospect has a strong imagination space. With strong scalability and change, it can provide some relatively flexible building methods for different types of enterprises and customers with different market positioning, so as to meet the application requirements of different types and scenarios.

Universal Studios Beijing: Harry Potter’s Forbidden Journey is based on flying theater solutions and technology. Compared with traditional cinema, what are the unique characteristics of flying theater? Keep on reading, please!

What are the characteristics compared with the traditional cinema?

  1. The lifting device can drive the safety seat from different angles to move freely, so as to meet the needs of all directions so that the audience can feel the thrill of flying in the air.
  2. Based on LED display solutions, that is the application of LED dome screen, the surround-type large screen panoramic image has high definition and bright colors, and the use of image fusion technology brings a full range of visual impact to the audience.
  3. The combination of the audio-visual and mechanical control system, stereo effect supplemented by corresponding climbing, rapid descent, flying, and other behaviors, giving a strong sense of immersive experience.
  4. A single module can be controlled individually or in a unified manner to reduce later operation and maintenance costs.

Flying theater will give full play to the real and exquisite sensory experience, break through the tradition, get rid of the limitations of the site space, and enjoy the pleasure of flying in the air. From the dome projection system to the LED dome screen applied in the dome screen system, from the stereo sound to the seating effect, focus on the details of each part to create a brand new immersive experience.

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