How to maintain the full-color LED display Screen

How to maintain the full color LED display screen

The LED display screen is the same as traditional electronic products. To make the full-color LED display screen last longer, it is necessary not only to pay attention to the method during use but also to maintain it.

With the wide use of LED display screens, there are more and more use problems, and the influence of various objective and subjective factors has caused problems such as reduced life span and functional failure of full-color LED display screens.

In order to better use the full-color LED display-related products, we have made some feasible summaries on the relevant use precautions and daily maintenance.

1. Precautions for the use of full-color LED display

  • The working environment temperature range is -20℃≤t≤50℃, and the working environment humidity range is 10% to 90%RH;
  • Avoid using or storing in high temperature, high humidity, high acid/alkali/salt environment;
  • Keep away from flammable materials, gas, and dust;
  • Avoid strong collisions during transportation and avoid collisions with sharp objects;
  • When the ambient temperature is too high or the heat dissipation conditions are not good, care should be taken not to open the screen for a long time;
  • When the LED display with more than the specified humidity is powered on, it will cause corrosion of parts, or even short-circuit and cause permanent damage;
  • Metal objects that are easy to conduct electricity such as water and iron powder are strictly prohibited in the screen. The LED display screen should be placed in a low-dust environment as much as possible. Large dust will affect the display effect, and too much dust will cause damage to the circuit. If water enters for various reasons, please turn off the power immediately until all components in the screen are dry before use.

2. The full color LED display switch screen precautions

  • Open the LED display screen: first, open the control computer to make it run normally, and then open the large screen of the LED display;
  • Turn off the screen: First turn off the power of the LED screen body, turn off the control software, and then turn off the computer correctly; (Turn off the computer first without turning off the display screen, which will cause the screen to appear bright spots, burn the lamps, and have serious consequences)
  • The time interval between switching on and off the screen should be greater than 5 minutes;
  • Avoid opening the screen in a completely white screen state, because it is the maximum power state at this time, and its impact current to the entire power distribution system is the largest;

3. Precautions for power supply of full color LED display

  • The LED module is powered by DC +5V (working voltage: 4.2~5.2V), and it is forbidden to use an AC power supply; the positive and negative poles of the power terminals are strictly prohibited to be reversed (note: once reversed, the product will be burnt out and even cause a serious fire);
  • Power supply voltage of full-color LED display: 220V±10% Frequency: 50HZ±5%;
  • Safe and reliable ground contact, reliable isolation between the ground wire and neutral wire, and access to power away from high-power electrical equipment;
  • If it is found that short circuits, tripping, burning wire, smoke, and other abnormalities appear, the power test should not be repeated, and the problem should be found in time.
  • Keep the power supply stable, and do a good job of grounding protection to avoid lightning strikes, do not use it in harsh natural conditions, especially strong lightning weather;
  • The power supply of the large screen must be supplied step by step because the maximum power state of the entire screen will have an impact on the entire power distribution system
  • The full-color LED display is not allowed to play the full-white screen with the highest brightness for more than half an hour, so as to avoid excessive current, power cord heating, damage to the LED light, and affecting the service life of the display. It is recommended to play dynamic video mainly;
  • During the use of full-color LED display products, the power supply cannot be turned on and off continuously, and there should be at least 1 minute between the two operations;
  • Non-professionals are not allowed to touch the internal circuit of the full-color LED display to avoid electric shock or damage to the circuit; if there is a problem, please ask a professional to repair it.

4. Precautions for cleaning full color LED display

  • Regular cleaning and maintenance: The LED full-color display is exposed to the wind, sun, and rain in the outdoor environment for a long time. Even if the indoor LED display has been exposed for a long time, more dust and traces of rain will accumulate on the screen. This requires regular, Clean in time to avoid affecting the viewing effect.
  • If cleaning the surface of the module, please use a soft brush and wipe gently. It is forbidden to use any liquid substances to clean the surface of the LED module, otherwise, the LED lamp beads may be damaged;
  • Correct wipe: The large screen surface of the LED display can be wiped with alcohol, or dusted with a brush or a vacuum cleaner, not directly wiped with a damp cloth

5. Moisture-proof and storage requirements for full-color LED display

  • Storage temperature requirements: ambient temperature -40℃≤t≤60℃, after the package is opened, LED products must be stored in an environment with temperature <30℃ and humidity <60%;
  • According to the environment of the LED display screen and the control part, avoid insect bites, and place anti-rat medicine if necessary.
  • The LED display cannot be turned off for a long time. In a high humidity environment, if the screen has not been used for more than 3 days, the preheating lighting method must be used each time the screen is turned on: 30%-50% brightness first preheat 4- After 8 hours, adjust to normal brightness (80%-100%) to light up the screen, so as to remove moisture, so that there is no abnormality during use; if the screen has not been used for more than 7 days, it needs to be lit every time the screen is turned on. Preheat lighting method: 30%-50% brightness is preheated for more than 12 hours, and then adjusted to normal brightness (80%-100%) to light the screen, so as to remove moisture, so that there is no abnormality during use.

The maintenance of full-color LED display plays a vital role in prolonging the service life of the display and ensuring the normal operation of the large LED screen. If the LED display fails during the warranty period, try to keep close contact with the after-sales personnel of the manufacturer and repair under reasonable guidance. To sum up, full-color LED displays are light-emitting and heating semiconductor display products. Although their theoretical life value can reach 100000 hours, they must have good quality and be established in correct maintenance and reasonable use environment to achieve

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