How to select the most appropriate dome LED screen?

With the continuous development of flexible LED display technology, more and more special-shaped LED display products are known to people. As a kind of flexible display, the dome LED display is usually used in celestial halls, church domes, immersive game experience halls, and other projects. But not all users are professional LED display experts, and they may not know that seemingly identical projects actually require completely different dome LED displays.

Galaxyav is a professional manufacturer of dome LED displays and has more than 20 years of professional experience in this field. In this article, we will provide you with advice on how to choose the most appropriate dome LED display based on some successful cases we have served and professional industry technical experience.

Dome LED displays are usually divided into 5 types according to the installation angle: inclined dome LED display, horizontal dome LED display, floor-standing dome LED display, vertical dome LED display, and spherical LED display.

1.Tilt dome LED display screen

Tilt dome LED displays are often used in planetariums. This is mainly because the interior spaces of planetariums are often installed with stepped seating. Because the stepped seat presents an inclined angle to the ground, in order to allow all the audience to have the same viewing experience, the installation of the inclined LED dome display also needs to be consistent with this inclination angle.

This immersive experience makes people feel more intuitive about the operation of celestial bodies. More and more private schools use this inclined LED dome display to teach celestial knowledge. In Ohio and California, we have completed several school-level dome LED display installation projects, which have been highly praised by the school.

Tilt dome LED display screen
Tilt dome LED display screen

2.Horizontal dome LED display screen

The horizontal dome LED display is usually more than 2 meters above the ground, which is convenient for the audience to move freely under the dome LED display. The horizontally arranged LED screen can freely view the content on the display from any direction. The height of 2 meters above the ground is designed to prevent tall figures from blocking the viewing effect of short people.

In addition, people can carry out more activities in a space of 2 meters, and the LED display will not be damaged due to bumps. Therefore, horizontal LED dome displays are often used in churches, galleries, or other art activity centers. Convenient for people to host gatherings, catering events, parties, and related church events.

Horizontal dome LED display screen
Horizontal dome LED display screen

3.Floor-to-ceiling dome LED display screen

The structure and installation of the floor-standing dome LED display are similar to the horizontal dome LED display. The difference between the two is that the floor-to-ceiling dome LED display extends the installation of the display almost to the floor. This way of installation gives users a more immersive feeling. Give the audience a sense of experience as a participant rather than a visitor.

It is precisely because of this unparalleled experience that floor-to-ceiling dome LED displays are more used in event venues, such as high-end restaurants, performance stages and even planetariums for immersive experiences. People can lie flat on the mats on the floor to better enjoy the comfort brought by the quiet night sky.

Floor-to-ceiling dome LED display screen

4.Vertical LED dome display screen

Vertical LED dome display is one of the most popular flexible display special customization items. With the continuous development of 3A games by large game companies around the world, the exquisite picture sense and higher game participation allow the dome-type LED display to have a wider use scene

We have installed several small amusement park projects and flying game experience centers in Australia and Korea. After the audience sits on the seat in front of the vertical LED dome display screen, the LED display screen constantly changes the screen content, making the audience feel completely different from the computer screen. This immersive gaming experience will definitely become the mainstream trend in the future. The biggest difficulty at present is that the price of the dome LED display is still relatively high, and there are fewer game items that can be matched.

5.Spherical LED dome display screen

The spherical LED dome display screen is a truly immersive experience, and it looks like a standard sphere from the outside. At the entrance of the spherical LED display, we arranged a horizontal channel to go deep into the center of the sphere, so that the audience can experience the exciting experience of switching between different scenes in all directions. Just imagine that the picture in front of you at the moment is the icy South Pole, and the next second the picture switches to the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, surrounded by various kinds of swimming fish, What kind of experience does this exciting screen transition put you in?

Unfortunately, this spherical LED display has not been widely recognized by the market due to its high cost. Even for Galaxyav, the percentage of successful installations over the years is relatively small. However, this LED spherical display has a better experience than the traditional spherical laser display, and may be the growth point of new flexible display technology in the future.

Spherical LED dome display screen
Spherical LED dome display screen

The dome LED display screen has continuously appeared in people’s daily life, bringing an unparalleled sense of experience to more users. The continuous development of flexible LED display technology in the future will reduce the cost of various dome LED display projects and improve the convenience of project installation and maintenance. It can also bring more profits and business growth points to your business activities.

Galaxyav, as the leader of flexible display technology and the leader of the dome LED display project, we have extremely rich experience and many successful cases. If you are interested in the dome LED display project, please contact our senior engineers, we will solve your related problems as soon as possible

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