What are the cooling methods of Immersive LED screen?

Immersive LED screen will generate heat during use, how the heat cannot be dissipated in time will directly affect whether the immersive LED screen can work normally. Especially in the case of poor air circulation in a closed indoor environment, if the brightness of the immersive LED screen exceeds 4000CD, it will generate a lot of heat.
In order to prolong the service life of immersive LED screen as much as possible and improve the image and color performance of immersive LED screen, we provide you with 5 effective cooling methods for immersive LED screen.
What are the cooling methods of Immersive LED screen

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1. Use a fan to dissipate heat

Fan cooling is the most common way in immersive LED screen cooling system. The built-in fan behind the LED screen panel can quickly dissipate the accumulated heat to the surrounding air. Considering that immersive LED screens are usually composed of multiple irregular-shaped flexible led panels, sometimes the fan cannot be installed inside the immersive LED screen well. Therefore, relying on the fan system alone to dissipate heat from the immersive led screen cannot fully meet our needs.

What are the cooling methods of Immersive LED screen

2. Use aluminum heat sink fins to dissipate heat

Aluminum is a metal with good thermal conductivity, and heat sinks for aluminum products can often be seen in industrial and living scenarios. Making aluminum into flakes is equivalent to increasing the heat dissipation area of the LED screen panel. The larger the heat dissipation area, the faster the heat can be dissipated to the surrounding air, which further enhances the working stability of the immersive led screen.

What are the cooling methods of Immersive LED screen

3. Thermal integration - high thermal conductivity ceramic LED lamp beads

The integrated ceramic lamp beads with high thermal conductivity can effectively reduce the heat dissipation of the lamp housing when the LED high-definition display chip is working. The chip expansion coefficient of the Immersive LED screen is quite different from the heat conduction and thermal expansion coefficient of the metal, and the immersive LED screen cannot be directly soldered to the chip because the damage of the immersive LED screen display chip is caused by the high temperature and low thermal stress of the house.

4. Cooling with heat transfer tubes

The heat transfer tube is a device that connects the cooling device and the display control chip of the immersive LED screen. Usually, we will choose copper tube as the raw material of heat transfer tube. Using the good thermal conductivity of the copper tube, the chip heat of the immersive led screen will be quickly transferred from the inside to the outside environment, thus maintaining the stability of the overall LED screen system.

What are the cooling methods of Immersive LED screen

5. Use air hydrodynamics to dissipate heat

Warm air usually rises and cold air usually falls. Using this principle, we can effectively apply aerodynamics to the cooling project of immersive LED screen. The central curved surface of the Immersive led screen is the place where heat is most likely to accumulate. The application of aerodynamics can solve the problem of heat accumulation very well. Let the heat flow through the air as quickly as possible for heat and cold exchange.


Immersive LED screen will generate a lot of heat when working. The heat is mainly generated by the display control chip of the immersive LED screen. In order to improve the operation stability and service life of the immersive LED screen, we need to quickly export the heat of the display control chip to the external environment of the LED screen panel. In combination with some other methods, the heat in the external environment is quickly exchanged with the surrounding cold air, thereby enhancing the viewing experience brought by the immersive LED screen.

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