How to Maintain a Stadium LED Screen?

Stadium LED screen can greatly enhance the experience of the audience and increase the advertising revenue of the event operators. However, LED screens in stadiums are usually used in harsh external environments, and LED screens will quickly become dirty, damaged, and electronic equipment malfunctions.

In order to better play the function of the stadium LED screen, prolong its service life, and maximize the economic value, we have compiled a comprehensive guide on how to maintain the stadium LED screen for you. This guide covers how to clean, disinfect, troubleshoot and repair the stadium LED screen.

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How to Maintain a Stadium LED Screen

How to clean stadium LED screen

Regular cleaning of the stadium LED screen is the first step in maintenance work. Regular cleaning of the stadium LED screen will help to remove dust, dirt, and debris adhering to the LED screen. If these dirt and dust are not cleaned in time, the screen will look dirty and distorted, and in severe cases, it will also cause problems such as short circuit of the LED display panel.

Before cleaning the stadium LED screen, you will need a soft cloth, pH neutral detergent and a spray bottle. After introducing the detergent into the spray bottle, add an appropriate amount of water, shake it well, and then it can be used as a special LED screen cleaning agent. After blasting the cleaner, use a soft cleaning cloth to gently wipe the screen in a circular motion, neither too hard nor too quickly. After cleaning, just wipe it with a clean soft cloth.

Precautions when cleaning the stadium LED screen

How to clean stadium LED screen
Precautions when cleaning the stadium LED screen

Troubleshooting the stadium LED screen

Check whether there are dead pixels on the stadium LED screen. The light-emitting pixels of some LED screens will be completely damaged after long-term use and cannot emit light. If there is a problem with a single light-emitting pixel, it will not be a big problem if it is not replaced temporarily. If the regional or row-by-column light-emitting pixels do not work normally, it is necessary to eliminate the circuit or replace the entire faulty LED display panel.

If the image or video color of some stadium LED screens becomes dark, use a multimeter to check whether the voltage in the faulty area is normal. This type of problem is usually caused by the voltage value in this area being lower than the rated voltage.

If the stadium LED screen flickers frequently, it is most likely caused by a loose connection wire or a power failure. We need to check all cables and wires to rule out any loose wiring. In severe cases, we even need to replace the faulty parts in time.

Some stadium LED screens may have false soldering of electronic components due to manufacturing process problems. This kind of problem will not be easily detected, but the consequences are more serious. If the electronic components are weakly soldered, the LED screen in this part will generate heat when it is working. We need to disassemble the LED display panel and re-solder the weak soldered part to solve this problem.

The Stadium LED screen will have blurry image after long-term use, and the brightness and color vividness will decrease. Usually this type of problem is not caused by a hardware failure of the stadium LED screen. It may be caused by the long-term white screen of the LED screen or the work of a single color, which will cause irreversible damage to the pixels of the LED screen and reduce the overall viewing effect.

Timely upgrade and update of the entire stadium audio visual system can effectively solve the situation that some videos and pictures are not clear, because the unclear picture quality is sometimes caused by incompatible software versions or incompatibility between systems.


Following the simple tips above will ensure your stadium LED screen will remain stable and in great working order for a long time to come. Regular stadium LED screen cleaning and disinfection will help extend the life of the LED screen. Troubleshooting and technical maintenance can solve the current problems of the LED screen and restore its normal working state.

If you are worried about problems in the maintenance of stadium LED screen, welcome to contact us. Our professional technical team has more than 20 years of professional experience enough to solve all the failure problems of stadium LED screen.

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