Galaxyav Flexible LED Display

The flexible LED display panel is made of high quality PCB and rubber material. Very soft and suitable for creative installations of any size and shape. Features a compact design, 5mm thickness and magnetic connection. Flexible LED displays can be easily fixed anywhere and are often used in shopping malls, hotels, stadiums and other places. Galaxyav is committed to providing users with the best flexible LED screens and solutions.

What Is A Flexible LED Video Display?

A flexible LED screen consists of LED pixels that are located on a flexible material such as rubber or PCB. It is insulated with flexible transparent material on both sides to protect the LED circuit from damage. This structure makes the flexible LED screen highly elastic. They may distort during installation but still provide a clear image.  
The flexible video wall consists of multiple foldable LED screens mounted together. It can take different shapes depending on how the individual screens are arranged. Flexible LED screen display panels are joined together using magnets along their boundaries to create a seamless video wall display.

The Advantage Of Flexible LED Video Display

Compact Design

The space-saving compact design allows flexible LED displays to be mounted on solid substrates.

Flexible Structure

The structure is flexible and easy to install. It can adapt to the usage scenarios of various curved surfaces

Function Customization

Highly customizable in size, shape and pixel pitch, we can provide you with the perfect flexible LED display solution

Easy Maintenance

Detachable independent assembly module, which can be repaired quickly without affecting the work of flexible LED display

Easy To Move

The flexible LED video wall can be easily installed, removed and folded for storage or transport.

Flexible LED Display Solutions

LED Dome Screen

The LED Dome System is an innovative and revolutionary full-dome LED technology that embeds LEDs directly into the dome surface, making it a dynamic video screen that outperforms projector solutions in terms of brightness, compactness, reliability and longevity Program.

The dome LED flexible display can give people a better visual experience. For example, using a dome-type LED display in a planetarium can make people better experience the movement of celestial bodies in the universe. In some competitive game projects, the dome-style flexible LED display design has also been well received.

Giant Curved LED Advertising Screen

Huge curved LED advertising screens are a great choice when you need to attract a wide audience from a focal point. We can help you achieve this by customizing one to your preferred size and design. It will consist of several standard-sized flexible LED screens mounted together to form a seamless giant curved LED display.

Our giant curved LED advertising screens are lightweight and display moving images in true high-definition style. All flexible screens that make up the giant curved advertising screen have internal thermal management. This makes the huge advertising screen more durable as the LEDs won’t overheat even with prolonged use.

Indoor LED Advertising Screen

Indoor LED Advertising Screen

Our flexible LED screens are widely used in different types of indoor settings. The high-definition flexible LED display displays bright, high-contrast images and is well-received by users. In addition to shopping malls, they can be installed in corridors, conference rooms, display windows, and even suspended from the ceiling in the CBD. If you want to arouse customers’ interest in your products and services, this is definitely an effective solution for you.

Galaxyav provides various types of flexible LED displays to customers around the world. Our indoor LED advertising displays are affordable and customizable to fit any venue. Timely after-sales service and technical support from professional engineers will relieve you from worries.

Virtual Movie Background Flexible Led Screen

Compared with building physical scenes, flexible LED displays can provide richer scene special effects, and can even create scenes that are impossible in reality. This virtual movie background technology has been successfully used by Hollywood special effects teams, and is gradually increasing the application of this technology in movie shooting.

The flexible LED display adopts technologies such as high contrast, multi-grayscale, high refresh rate, and moiré magnetic elimination, which can simulate unparalleled special effects scenes. This kind of special effects scene is much less expensive than building a real scene, and the number of uses is unlimited, which greatly reduces the cost of filming.

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Why Does Your Business Need Flexible LED Display?

Unless your product is irreplaceable, you need to work hard to create better results. Obviously, your competitors are doing the same thing as you. To stand out from your competitors, the first thing you need to do is make your products and services known to more potential users. Compared with traditional information transmission, static or dynamic advertisements brought by flexible LED displays have become the first choice for business expansion!

shopping mall bendable LED screen

Striking Advertising Displays for Flexible Displays

Flexible LED displays are designed in such a way that they provide the best possible images and video. You can easily create professional advertising designs for your products and services. These video and image ads can make your users perceive your product and brand information for the first time, and achieve substantial growth for your business.

These customizable LED flexible advertising screens provide the perfect platform for you to showcase your products and services. Adjustable customization of pixel pitch and brightness allows your product advertisements to perform well indoors or outdoors, allowing you to maximize the design effect of your advertisements.

Brand display at the exhibition

Flexible LED panels come in handy when you want to attract new customers to your business. They give you a great opportunity to showcase your products and services and let people know more about you. The flexible LED display is especially suitable as a communication tool for brand information at the exhibition, attracting more users to pay attention to your brand with the curved shape

While most of your competitors are still using paper promotional materials to expand their brand influence, your flexible LED display is already attracting more precise users with dynamic videos and images. Your brand message will be remembered by customers in a short period of time, thereby creating more business opportunities for future close cooperation.

Striking Advertising Displays for Flexible Displays

Affordable and reduce your operating costs

As a business, finding cost-effective solutions always comes first. That’s where flexible displays come in. They are designed to maximize information dissemination while reducing costs

When used properly, they can attract potential customers to your business, providing a great return on investment. Galaxyav can offer you a more competitively priced flexible display. Our LED displays will provide high-quality images and videos at affordable prices, allowing you to implement them in your business.

Easy to install and maintain the LED display

The flexible LED display is very easy to install, and can also adapt to different installation environments to make various unique display effects. If there is a problem with the display screen, its separate display module can also be quickly disassembled and replaced, returning to normal use in the shortest possible time.

The installation process is made easy given the flexible construction provided and the easy-to-follow instructions. Also, in terms of maintenance, the LED circuits are easily accessible. This makes it easier for professionals to assess any issues and fix them without causing too much damage.

Easy to install and maintain the led display

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