Why 3D LED display is the best choice for advertising

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Why 3D LED display is the best choice for advertising

1. What is a 3D led display?

3D LED screen is a LED display that can display 3D effects visible to the naked eye without professional glasses. The LED screen provides an extremely realistic 3D effect, which can perfectly display the content and attract the eyes of passers-by. Glasses-free 3D LED display is a new generation of 3D LED products, with more refined and clear images, richer colors, and more prominent three-dimensional space, giving people a more realistic viewing effect.
3D LED display screens were not originally used in the field of outdoor advertising. This product and technology was first used in movie theaters to provide audiences with unparalleled 3D viewing effects. With the continuous development of 3D LED display technology, outdoor 3D LED display can perfectly present 3D dynamic simulation effects under direct sunlight, and it has gradually become one of the most popular advertising media in the field of outdoor advertising.

The essence of 3D LED advertising screen is still 2D LED display screen. The reason why it can present realistic 3D dynamic effect is because of the special installation process. Usually, the audio-visual system integration project service provider will install two ordinary LED displays side by side at a 90-degree angle, and use a flexible LED display panel for smooth splicing at the right angle.

When the 3D LED display is playing content, the left LED display displays the left view of the image, and the right LED display displays the main view of the image. When the viewer stands in front of the corner and watches, they can see the front and side content of the 3D LED display at the same time, and the images seen by the two direction locks will automatically overlap in their minds, thereby generating a realistic three-dimensional 3D dynamic content viewing image .

Why 3D LED display is the best choice for advertising

2. What can 3D LED advertising screen bring?

3D LED advertising display has fundamentally subverted the content display method of outdoor advertising. This unparalleled dynamic advertising display effect is unmatched by traditional 2D LED advertising screens. Traditional outdoor advertising LED screens can only be limited to two-dimensional space when displaying content, while 3D LED outdoor advertising screens can greatly improve the creative space of advertising content. More and more exciting video content makes product and service display more convenient. truthful and easy for the audience to understand.

It is well known that the income of outdoor advertising is directly proportional to the time it is watched. The longer the audience watches outdoor advertising, the more they can understand and accept the products and services promoted by the advertisement. This recognition of advertising content is the continuous growth of commercial profits.

3D LED display not only subverts the traditional way of displaying advertising content in the field of advertising, but also triggers more changes in other fields of LED display. In the field of indoor LED display, 3D LED display is gradually replacing ordinary LED display. In the near future, the market share of 3D LED displays at the commercial and personal home levels will gradually increase.

3. How much does the 3D LED advertising screen cost?

The cost of a 3D LED advertising display depends on the performance of the LED display you use and the size of the advertising screen. Usually, the initial investment for a 3D LED advertising screen per square meter is about 800-1200 US dollars. If LED displays with smaller pixel pitches and higher refresh rates are used, the initial investment in 3D LED advertising screens will be higher. In addition, some video integration system service providers will quote the hardware equipment and project installation costs separately when quoting the project. Part of the basic frame structure and labor costs for the installation project will also be added to the project installation cost.

In addition, the 3D LED advertising display also includes later use costs and maintenance costs. The cost of use includes the production of 3D advertising content. The cost of 3D advertising content production varies greatly in different countries and regions. It is recommended to use a 3D advertising content production team in the local market to save costs.

The maintenance cost of 3D LED advertising screens is relatively low. If the repair and maintenance standards set by the audio-visual system integration service provider are strictly followed during use, it is usually not necessary to carry out large-scale repairs and replacements for 3D LED advertising screens. Usually refers to the need to repair and replace some electronic components.

Why 3D LED display is the best choice for advertising

4. Advantages of 3D LED advertising display

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