Basic Knowledge Of Flexible LED Display

Do you know what is a flexible LED display? Flexible LED displays are also known as foldable and bendable LED displays. Compared with the traditional solid-state hard LED display, it can be bent to any angle because of its unique flexible material properties. It is usually used in various complex installation environments, and the effect achieved is much better than that of ordinary LED displays. This article will help you understand the basics of flexible LED displays from 4 aspects.

Basic knowledge of flexible LED display

Light weight: Unlike the traditional LED display, which uses an iron frame as the fixed back frame of the display module, the flexible LED display usually uses flexible rubber as the back frame, so its weight is much lighter than the traditional LED display. . The advantage of this lightweight feature is that the flexible LED display can be installed in a higher space without worrying about weight-bearing issues.

Higher pixel density: The denser the pixels, the better the manufacturing process of the LED display, and the clearer the displayed picture quality. With the rapid advancement of technology in the LED display industry, the diameter of the lamp beads is getting smaller and smaller. This allows the flexible LED display to have more lamp beads per unit area, and the gap between the lamp beads and the lamp beads becomes smaller. This feature makes it possible to play high-quality video animations on flexible LED displays.

Customization of special-shaped structures: Whether it is a 360-degree annular LED billboard or a spherical immersive LED dome, both rely on the plasticity of flexible LED displays. Even in some places with very harsh installation conditions, flexible LED displays can be specially designed and installed according to customer requirements, thereby creating more profits for customers’ business behavior.

Miniaturization of display modules: Flexible LED display modules are smaller than traditional LED display modules. The advantage of this is that it is easier to maintain and maintain in the later period. Considering the cost of use, the cost of the miniaturized display mode is much less than the replacement cost of the traditional LED display module. This is also an important factor that many users consider when considering the average cost of long-term use.

The above-mentioned features are only a small part of flexible LED displays, through which they have occupied a large part of the market share of LED displays. We are often able to participate in museums, science and technology museums, archives, memorial halls, intangible cultural heritage museums, corporate exhibition centers, visitor centers, characteristic towns, large-scale global exhibitions, cultural and art festivals, transnational curators, cultural IP industries, multi-functional conferences The use of flexible LED displays can be seen in halls and other places.


LED spherical screen

The LED spherical screen has a full 360° viewing angle and can play videos in all directions. Good visual effects can be felt at any angle without the problem of flat viewing angles.

At the same time, it can also directly map spherical objects such as the earth and starry sky to the display screen as needed. It feels lively and alive. This type of flexible LED display is widely used in museums, science and technology museums, exhibition halls

LED DJ stage

Over the past two years, LED DJ booths have become standard equipment in some of the top bars and nightclubs. The LED DJ booth can match the most dazzling effects of the DJ, so that the music and the vision can be perfectly matched.

By matching customized videos, the DJ booth is integrated with the large LED screen, which can be played independently, combined with the large screen, or superimposed to make the stage more layered.

LED cube display

The LED cube screen is usually composed of six LED faces to form a cube, and it can also be spliced into geometric figures of special shapes. A perfect connection with minimal gaps is achieved between the surfaces.

It can be viewed from any angle around it, breaking away from the look and feel of a traditional flat-screen display. Suitable for installation in the atrium of bars, hotels or commercial real estate, it can bring a new visual experience to the audience.

LED video sign

The LED video logo is assembled with special LED modules of different specifications. It is not limited by the screen size, and can be flexibly assembled into text, graphics and LOGO required by customers. It can be used in building roofs, well-known enterprises, bank securities, municipal construction, landmark buildings, etc., to enhance the commercial value of enterprises.

Cylindrical LED advertising post

This type of flexible LED display is usually used in high-end shopping malls. Three-dimensional commercial advertisements can often make consumers stop and appreciate, thereby driving the increase in consumption.

A. structural design

Some flexible LED displays need to consider the wind resistance, shock resistance, bearing capacity and other factors of the flexible LED display because of the outdoor use environment. Secondly, the modeling structure of the flexible LED display itself needs to be in harmony with the auxiliary buildings and the environment. Finally, the influence of environmental factors on the display screen itself, such as humidity and salt content in the air, should also be considered.

B. light pollution

In recent years, with the development of science and technology, people have higher and higher requirements for environmental protection, and the light pollution caused by urban lighting has also become the focus of attention. So is a flexible LED display considered light pollution? According to the current international definition of light pollution, it is usually divided into three categories: white light pollution, artificial sunlight pollution and colored light pollution.

At present, many countries only have relevant regulations on white light pollution for glass curtain walls, and there are no relevant regulations on artificial sunlight and colored light pollution.But considering that light pollution does make people uncomfortable, it should be classified as “light pollution”. Therefore, when designing and installing the display, the protection and treatment of light pollution caused by the LED display should be considered.

C. Maintenance of LED special-shaped screen

Like other electronic devices, flexible LED displays also require regular maintenance and upkeep. Routine maintenance mainly focuses on circuit maintenance and screen dust removal and dehumidification. If the screen is damaged and cannot be used normally, it is recommended to replace it. Click here to view the authoritative tutorial on the maintenance of LED display

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