Why do churches need LED video walls?

Why do churches need LED video walls

It may be hard for you to imagine a group of hip-hop teenagers sitting quietly in a church listening to a pastor preaching a Bible story. Last week, this scene actually happened inside the Philip Cathedral in North Carolina. A group of young people in their 20s sat quietly on the bench and watched carefully the story of Jesus preaching on the LED video wall.

With the acceleration of the pace of life, more and more young generations accept trend culture, advocate heroism, and like the luxury and excitement of life. Growing alienation from traditional mainstream culture and religious beliefs is a problem that cannot be ignored. My friend John, a priest in North Carolina, also thinks that fewer and fewer young people are going to church today

We conducted an in-depth discussion on this issue and came to the conclusion that the traditional way of disseminating Christian information is relatively backward, and cannot spread religious culture in a popular way. Even if someone wants to seriously understand and study Christian culture, they don’t know how to start learning. This means that we need to change this situation in a modern way that young people are generally willing to accept.

Because I am a senior technical engineer of Galaxyav, I learned that our LED display products are used in many public facilities projects, including content dissemination systems including churches. So I was very serious about explaining our LED video wall project to John and the successful application they have had in other churches.

In fact, John didn’t take my advice very well at first. Because he is an old-school missionary, for him, the Bible has been able to convey the relevant core ideas of Christianity. Any other means of dissemination of content has the potential to distort the true meaning of the Bible. He worries that viewers will only pay attention to the content of the video without seriously thinking about the real message of the content.

In order to dispel his stubborn thought, I encouraged him to call other church pastors we had installed before to inquire about the real application effect of LED video wall. After getting a positive answer from the other party, John finally agreed with my point of view and let me be responsible for the whole process from project design to LED video wall installation.

Our design and construction team arrived at John’s church, measured the distance between the altar and the audience, calculated the angle that the LED display needs to be installed, and communicated with John many times about the size of the LED display. Finally in September, we completed the installation and commissioning of the LED video wall.

When John reopened the church in October to welcome the latest group of faithful, he saw disbelief and anticipation on the faces of the faithful. At that moment he realized that this project of LED video wall was really too timely. When he used the LED video wall to preach Christianity-related content, he could no longer see the impatient and disinterested expressions on people’s faces.

Now, let’s review the topic of the article – why do churches need LED video walls?

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