XR Solution:The Application Of Flexible LED Screen

With the technological innovation of global film and television virtual production, the traditional green/blue screen is gradually out of the market stage, and the virtual production scheme based on flexible LED display is more and more popular in the international market.

What’s changing from green screen to XR?

When the traditional green screen studio is used for film shooting, actors perform in an environment without physical objects, pictures, or a sense of substitution, which requires higher performance techniques of actors. After shooting, the technicians behind the scenes will carry out a comprehensive matting of the film, cut out the background color, and replace the corresponding application background. The whole process is time-consuming and laborious.

With the advent of XR technology, more convenient XR solutions can be used for film and television shooting. From VR virtual reality, AR augmented reality, MR mixed reality and now XR extended reality, virtual scenes have repeatedly made breakthroughs and innovations. XR skillfully combines the advantages of the first three, using hardware equipment and other technical means, to create a realistic, immersive environmental experience for users.

The first application scenario of the XR solution was virtual studios. The combination of LED display screen and XR technology can bring a hyper-immersive experience to the audience, which is conducive to the actors’ immersion in the colorful and realistic spatial environment during the performance. Performing in the spatial environment created by XR technology is conducive to improving the overall shooting progress. Moreover, the previous film shooting, especially the blockbuster production, were all shot with a green screen as the background, and the whole film production was completed by matting, so the post-production image production often occupied a lot of production time and cost. While the application of the XR solution can greatly improve working efficiency and reduce production costs.

LED light sources can provide real light and shadow effects and delicate color expression so that the shooting picture is perfect. From the perspective of film production, the use of LED display screens as backgrounds can speed up the production efficiency of special effects and reduce the total cost. The initial film and television virtual shooting is the use of the “LED left screen + right screen + ground screen” way. Actors are wrapped and surrounded by three spliced LED screen studios. However, due to the large splicing seam of the conventional splicing screen, bright and dark lines will appear during the shooting process, which affects the film quality and results in a poor viewing effect.

The key to virtual production is the LED display screen. If the conventional LED spliced screen is used in the XR solution, there will be a large gap, resulting in a poor viewing effect, and easy to appear bright and dark lines. Galaxyavi Systems is famous for flexible LED display and creatively shaped screen in the industry. Combining the advantages of its own product research and development, Galaxyavi integrates flexible LED technology into the XR solution, the whole screen surface is smooth, perfectly solves these problems of splicing seam, bright and dark lines, and the visual effect of a curved screen is more three-dimensional and full. Whether from the perspective of an actor acting, or the audience viewing effect, Galaxyavi’s flexible LED display screen is an excellent choice. Galaxyavi will make the XR solution to the extreme, to show users better shooting results.

Application of Galaxyavi XR solution

Galaxyavi XR solution is flexibly operated through new VMP visual management platform,integrates design, debugging and management, carrying a camera, video camera tracking system, rendering, display server (choice), synthesis of server, the development of synthetic products such as, through professional technology,XR flexible solution is applied to various fields. The shooting picture has free-defects. Through shutter adaptation, phase offset technology and Genlock interface technology, the LED display screen can be synchronized with the camera precisely, and can adapt to the shooting parameters of the camera, so as to effectively solve these problems such as black line, scan line and picture tear in the shooting process. The camera tracking system can track the motion and lens zoom in real time, support frame synchronization lock and tracking protocol.

Advantages of Virtual Studio

Through rendering engine and media server, to realize the picture twin-engine technology blessing, rendering AR foreground image and the background picture, run the virtual engine, receives the synthetic server rendering instructions and real-time rendering, to synchronize spatial correction, color correction, and calibration, can improve the pixel brightness and color, accurate rendering images, to ensure the exquisite real rendering engine output picture. Unique 4K@60Hz 10bit 4:4:4 integrated solution, in line with the PQ curve, accurately restores the luster of HDR video sources.

The XR solution can preset different display effects before the formal shooting and can be easily switched to different tone styles with one key in the work, which is a flexible application. In addition, through the ultra HD 8K 1G XR display solution, Galaxyavi supports a variety of color mixing tools such as 3D LUT, which is easier and flexible to use, making the color richer, more saturated, more precise, and more detailed, and creating a more immersive experience.

XR will be connected to the real world of the future

With the popularization of the 5G network application, 8K display industry maturity, and popular metaverse concept, Tencent formally established the XR department. A series of related information indicates that XR technology will become the future real-world integration. Under the epidemic situation, many users introduce XR virtual technology to break through career difficulties, rapidly improve work efficiency, and reduce costs but also promote the positive development of related industries in society. As XR terminal equipment began to scale up, XR solutions have been successfully applied in film and television shooting, live events, news broadcasts, game entertainment, medical applications, military, aerospace, and other industries in many fields.

XR technology is most widely used in program broadcast and film shooting. This year’s Beijing Winter Olympics, Spring Festival Gala and Lantern Festival showed their elegant demeanor to the whole country and even the world through XR virtual solutions. Modern people have higher requirements for life experience and faster work efficiency. With the XR’s rapid entry into many areas of strong performance and the favorable policies of the state, we have reason to believe that XR will be one of the leading technologies to connect with the real world of the future. Galaxyavi combines the flexible LED display with the XR solution to maximize its advantages again.

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