Application of dome LED display in Singapore Marina Theatre

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Esplanade Singapore is the country’s premier art and cultural center. In its decades of history, it has won unanimous praise from the people of the country for its outstanding cultural value output and exquisite stage performances. However, with the increase of similar cultural projects, in order to stand out from the competition, Esplanade has been seeking to improve the viewing experience of the public with modern video and audio equipment.

Considering the feasibility of improving various audio-visual projects and the overall cost of the project, Esplanade finally chose to cooperate with China’s Galaxyav Company. As a manufacturer specializing in the design and production of LED displays for more than 20 years, Galaxyav has designed a complete dome LED display solution for the Esplanade. From the design of the scheme, the manufacture of the dome LED display equipment and the installation and construction of the project, the management staff of the Esplanade have strict requirements, which makes the project appear in front of everyone with a perfect attitude.

Application of dome LED display in Singapore Marina Theatre

Dome LED display may still be a relatively unfamiliar thing to many people. In order to better let you know how Singapore Esplanade uses the dome LED display project to enhance the audience’s viewing experience, this article will introduce you in detail the system composition of the dome LED DISPLAY, the functions of the dome LED display project, the dome LED display features and some advantages that other similar projects do not have.

System composition of Dome LED display project

1. Flexible led display customized module

Generally, dome LED display requires dozens or even hundreds of non-rectangular flexible LED modules of different sizes. Flexible non-rectangular LED modules can form a seamless LED dome without seams and faceted angles. Each LED module is installed on the structure by a magnet hidden in the rubber on the back, which greatly reduces the difficulty of installation and maintenance.

2. High-definition LED display screen

GalaxyAV provides ultra-high-definition LED dome solutions, which can achieve a maximum resolution of 21K on a 20m diameter dome, the dots on the dome arc is 20933. It provides the ultimate high-resolution display solution for astronomical research and high-end dome solutions

3. Integrated content output control system

Different from ordinary LED displays, in order to perfectly realize the LED dome playback function, it is first necessary to edit and process the non-dome content screen and project it onto the LED dome according to the resolution and shape of the dome. The precise image processing of pixel to pixel must be considered in the processing process, otherwise there will be problems of screen tearing or loss of details.

4. Lightweight installation structure system

GalaxyAV team provides LED dome system solutions including structure. The structure contains an LED frame for flexible LED panels attaching and the main structure for the entire dome support. Generally, Galaxyav provides initial design and modification advice for the main structure section, as different regions have strict design and construction regulations for large structures.

Features of the Dome LED display project

Application of dome LED display in Singapore Marina Theatre

1. Immersive audio-visual experience

LED Dome display brings an unprecedented immersive experience. Whether it is a seamless spliced picture with ultra-high contrast or multi-dimensional surround sound, the LED dome screen is far superior to the projection dome screen.

2. Content interaction can be customized

Compared with the traditional projection dome, which requires multiple media servers, the entire LED dome may only need one media server to complete all operations, even including multi-bit stereo surround sound processing, which provides unlimited opportunities for interactive and highly customized content. possible.

3. Undifferentiated visual effects (regardless of viewing position)

No matter where you are in the content of the LED dome, you can experience the immersive environment indiscriminately. The LED dome itself has the advantages of ultra-high contrast, seamless splicing and consistent picture effects, and the difference and projection are limited by the installation position and angle , the LED spherical screen can cover a range of 210° beyond the limit of the human eye, and even realize the concept of a 720° complete spherical screen, allowing participants to be completely in the world created by the designer. imagination.

Features of Dome LED display

1. Small pitch pixels

The resolution of all LED displays depends on the size of the LED dot pitch, and the LED dome screen is no exception. The smaller the dot pitch, the more pixels per unit area, and the clearer the display. After years of experimental verification and accumulation of experience, GalaxyAV has been able to achieve a minimum 1.5mm dot pitch LED dome solution and solved the challenge of sound transmission. This not only realizes the requirement of the ultra-large screen and ultra-high resolution but also brings possibilities for immersive LED application solutions in small spaces. For example, the dark knight based on projection solutions in the past no longer has to worry about the problems of projection images, viewing angles, and Resolution issues create a bad experience for visitors.

2. Large screen size

In theory, based on flexible customized LED modules, we can realize a large screen with unlimited size and any angle bending, so that we can complete the full scene coverage of 360°+360° of human viewing angle, without worrying about the drama caused by insufficient screen coverage. experience. This is very important for a fully immersive experience, determining whether the facility is attractive enough and can bring visitors a more enjoyable experience, thereby affecting the final market benefit.

3. High sound transmittance

As we all know, the importance of sound in the scene depth experience is very high, and good scene sound can greatly improve the senses of the audience’s immersive experience. The dome screen designed by GalaxyAV has the characteristics of high sound transmission rate, which is completely comparable to the sound transmission parameters of traditional microporous aluminum plates. In particular, the 360° sound-transmitting LED dome of up to 95% of the whole scene provides unlimited possibilities for sound designers. Whether you want to achieve a Dolby full-scene immersive sound field, or customize a multi-bit stereo field, the GalaxyAV LED dome is the perfect solution. perfectly compatible.

4. High screen brightness

The LED dome itself has many advantages of the LED display, one of which is the brightness. Only consider the indoor LED display, the general brightness can reach 1200nits, but for the dome scene, in order to improve the immersive experience, the external light sources including lighting and outdoor light are generally excluded to reduce external interference, so the LED dome only needs A very low brightness is sufficient, a generally accepted setting is 300~500nits. This is a very obvious advantage, not only easily exceeds the brightness value of the projection dome, but also has a longer service life because the usage load rate is much lower than the default value.

5. Super high contrast ratio

The LED display is a self-emitting light direct view display. The contrast ratio of the conventional LED display is as high as 5000:1, but for the LED dome screen, this contrast may not be enough for the audience to completely ignore the existence of the display itself. The GalaxyAV adopts two The improved surface of the dome screen has a higher blackness: 1. Using black matte LED lamp beads; 2. Using a special treatment process to improve the surface consistency of the LED module, making it darker and reducing the reflectivity by more than 50% . Therefore, it truly solves the surface physical problem of the LED display screen in the field of spherical screen display, which not only weakens the fact that the audience has the physical existence of the display screen, but also improves the experience of the scene with infinite depth of field.

Advantages of GalaxyAV Dome LED DISPLAY

Application of dome LED display in Singapore Marina Theatre

1. Comprehensive security protection

The GalaxyAV LED dome adopts a variety of power system solutions, among which the DC24-48V power supply solution allows the AC power management system to be installed independently of the LED dome, up to 100m. The entire dome system is in a safe DC power supply system, which is easier to maintain and replace

2. Dome LED display maintenance and maintenance costs are relatively low

The GalaxyAV LED dome module is installed with magnets, which is simple, fast and safe, and can be easily accessed for replacement and maintenance from the front or back of the display. Scientific structural design, it can climb to the top of the dome screen for maintenance without additional tools.

3. Good picture consistency

Different from the projection dome, in order to realize the simultaneous operation of multiple projectors with a large screen, multiple media servers must be used to process each projector independently. The LED dome only needs one media server, and after installation, there is no need to calibrate and Picture fusion processing, because the LED display technology itself does not have these problems.

4. Up to 100,000 hours of service life

The typical lifespan is 100,000 hours, which is much longer than ordinary projection equipment. During the service life of the equipment, there will be basically no major quality problems, which saves valuable maintenance costs for users and is in line with the customer’s long-term investment strategy.

5. Galaxyav provides integrated project delivery services from design, production to installation

With more than 20 years of experience in LED product design and structural design, we have worked with engineering designers, art designers, interior designers, and industry technical senior consulting engineers. We have participated in the design of hundreds of international AV projects, and successfully installed and delivered projects. These successful experiences have made us one of the most reliable LED display solution suppliers in the world.

6. Reliable service

GalaxyAV has served global customers for more than 20 years, and has established a full-service team, including engineering installation and after-sales team, industrial product design and R&D team, supply chain management and production team, and quality control team. In particular, the engineering installation team has many years of experience in engineering installation and construction in various countries around the world. At the same time, it can provide LED system operation and after-sales maintenance training to help customers solve the worries of routine maintenance.

The above is the specific application case of Dome LED display in Esplanade Singapore. We have won the trust and affirmation of customers with our high-quality project delivery ability. Dome LED display will be the mainstream audio-visual experience equipment solution in the future, especially suitable for applications in planetariums, theme parks and other projects. GalaxyAV, a technology leader in the industry, has successfully designed and delivered multiple Dome LED display projects around the world. If you are interested in learning more about the dome LED display project, please fill in the form below to contact our senior technical engineers, we will answer your questions as soon as possible.

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