LED Immersive Dome screen VS Projection Dome

Parameter contrast

LED Immersive Dome Projection Dome
Brightness 500cd/m2 100 lumens
Grey scale grade 14~16bit 8~10bit
Color saturation >98% 60%
Viewing Angle 170 degrees 120 degrees
Color gamut DCI-P3 sRGB
Frame frequency 30Hz/60Hz/120Hz ≥75Hz
Contrast 500,000 : 1 5000 : 1
Max power consumption 480(W/m²) 1250W
Service life 100,000h (50% luminance) 20,000h

Advantages and disadvantages contrast

LED Immersive Dome Projection Dome
Immersive experience Excellent Good
Image quality contrast High brightness, high contrast, rich color, high resolution. Good picture consistency, no fusion. Low brightness, low contrast, low resolution. Poor picture fusion, with fusion belt.
Light path block Spontaneous light,no block restrictions It is required that there are no objects or people between the projection and the screen
Cost Higher LED cost Low cost
Picture debugging No need to adjust specifications after installation After working for a long time or changing picture parameters, picture fusion debugging is needed.
Environment Whether indoor or semi-outdoor, there is no brightness requirement A darker environment is needed
Uniformity and consistency Brightness, chroma point by point adjustable, the whole screen uniform Long-term use, unit brightness and chromaticity attenuation is inconsistent, need professional debugging
After-sales Only need to replace spare parts module, almost no after – sale cost The light source needs to be replaced regularly, and the daily maintenance cost is high
Noise Free-noise 28-35dB
Lifespan Typical 50% brightness,100000 hours Projection life, 20,000 hours
Cost: 20m diameter,high 15m, 6K resolution flying cinema screen Total price: RMB 12,809,062

Brightness contrast

The contrast of 20m diameter of dome screen in the same size:

LED screen brightness can be up to 800nits in general, flying cinema and planetarium use only 300nits enough.

At the same brightness, the LED immersive dome brightness is 300nits, while the projection dome requires 19 projectors with 10,000-lumen brightness.

brightness contrast between led dome screen and projection dome

Contrast comparison

As shown in the left picture above, the bottom screen of the LED immersive dome is black, the play picture contrast can reach 500000:1.

As shown in the right picture above,the projection dome is gray-white, which has a great influence on the picture, with a general contrast of only 5,000:1.

Especially when playing frames with a dark backgrounds, such as deep space, underwater world, etc., low contrast can affect the viewing effect.

Resolution contrast

LED display resolution is higher than the projection resolution. The minimum LED pitch of the dome screen is 1.5mm, which is equivalent to achieve a 21K resolution on a 20m diameter screen. Based on its own characteristics of high brightness, and high contrast, it can clearly show the majority of details such as space, deep sea, and other pictures.

Screen range

Limited by the installation position of the projector and the projection angle, the projection dome can only achieve 160°.

LED immersive dome is not limited, which can realize the classical visual angle of the planetarium at 210° and even the immersive experience of the planetarium at 360°.

Cost analysis

LED immersive dome cost is mainly displayed screen, each light-emitting point is a full color LED lamp bead. Such as a 20m diameter,6K resolution dome screen has a staggering 25,120,000 led lamp beads.

The cost of projection is mainly the projector, and the cost of a single dome screen projector ranges from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands.

The two main differences between LED immersive dome and projection dome are cost and picture quality.


LED immersive dome is better than projection dome in all indicators. Excellent color reproduction ability and detail display bring viewers a new visual experience, but also bring better and better visualization tools for aerospace, astronomy, and scientific and technological research. In commercial applications, the mid – and low-end markets may still use projection solutions due to the high cost.


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