How flexible LED display used for Stage: Joey Yung's Concert Event Solution?

Joey Yung’s Concert Event Solution Project Overview

The design of concert stage usually cannot do without large LED screens.In order to create a powerful audio-visual feast for the audience, Hong Kong singer Joey Yung’s concert stage has always been high specification configuration, lighting, stage, flexible LED display screen integrated,excellent color coordination!

Joey Yung performed more than 40 classic songs on the first leg of her world tour at Hung Hom Stadium in Hong Kong. The 360-degree ultra-three-dimensional circular stage is formed by flexible LED screens round and round, and the lighting effect and stage mode change with the scene collocation of each song’s lyrics, bringing a wonderful audio-visual experience to the audience.

Firstly, let’s enjoy the wonderful and shocking concert stage pictures.

The dazzling stage of this concert is composed of a multi-layer round flexible LED display, giving people a super visual shock. Many fans exclaimed,” So beautiful!” The coordination of magnificent stage design and stage choreography lighting made the whole performance more perfect and ignited the atmosphere of the whole scene. As you can see, the loops of the flexible LED screen on the stage are presented as a ladder shape, and the display effect is very high definition and exquisite. The whole stage design sense is very strong, is a unique, private custom concert stage effect, and the scene is very infectious.

Requirements for stage LED screen projects

Selection of pixel pitch

Due to the high requirements of the stage art design for the concert, the stage LED screen requires a clearer picture playing effect. Therefore, P3 or P4 HD LED screen is usually used indoor environments. A fine pixel pitch of P2.5 or P2 is used in an even more strict environment. While P6 or P5 is used outdoors. In this project, P4 HD flexible LED screen is used in Joey Yung’s Concert Event Solution.

Installation the flexibleLED screen

The stage LED screen for rental should be easily removed and installed. For example, after the concert, it can be disassembled and transported to another stage.

Lightweight and robust display cabinet

The stage LED screen is for rental because the cabinet is often disassembled and moved, so the cabinet made of die-cast aluminum is used in this project.

Besides, We know that the stage LED screen is mostly ceiling installation or wall-mounted. These two installation methods have high requirements on the weight and security of the rental screen for the stage. Because the flexible LED screen in Joey Yung’s Concert Event Solution needs to be stacked very high and hoisted, the screen must be thin and light. Therefore, the project adopts the die-cast aluminum cabinet, and the connection must be firm, reliable, and easy to detect, so as to avoid the potential threat to the site personnel due to the negligence of installation.

Damage resistance of flexible LED screen

Stage LED screens often need to transport by cars, ships, or aircraft. In the transporting process, there may be damage in the corners of the rental screen due to bumps. In order not to affect the use effect, the LED rental display should have a certain resistance to damage, so as to reduce the damage during the transportation of electronic components, so as not to affect the normal display function.

Fast repair and replacement of flexible display

When partial display failure occurs on the rental screen, the stage LED screen must be partially removable and replaced quickly to ensure normal stage performance.

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