Hospital Audio Visual Solution

From community hospitals to large comprehensive medical parks, Galaxyav has helped thousands of customers in the medical field to customize and deliver hospital audio-visual solutions. These hospital audio-visual solutions provide a lot of convenience for doctors and patients during treatment.

The LED screen display system and audio system allow patients to relieve tension in the treatment room, and medical staff can respond quickly to any emergency through the emergency call system. The interactive information system can guide patients to reach unfamiliar treatment locations smoothly.

Composition of hospital audio visual solutions

LED Screens

The most important part of the hospital audio-visual system is the LED screen system. It is ubiquitous in hospitals and facilitates timely access to information for doctors and patients. In the operating room, the LED screen can clearly provide doctors with the patient’s surgical site. In the waiting room, patients can keep abreast of queuing information.

In corridors and public halls, LED screens can also provide patients with more relevant content about the hospital itself and epidemic infectious diseases, and obtain safe protection guidelines under medical guidance. In addition, the LED screen can also broadcast medical supplies advertisements, providing additional channels for hospitals to generate revenue.

LED screen of Hospital Audio Visual Solution
wireless presentation of wireless presentation

wireless presentation

The wireless presentation system in Hospital AV Solutions allows you to share and present your documents on any associated device. This is very practical for the discussion of medical treatment plans for some diseases and the discussion of medical diseases.

The wireless presentation system can also remotely control and manage all the displays in the hospital audio-visual solution. You can remotely decide what plays on each screen from the Control Center. For example, scientific baby-raising content can be played in the delivery room, and rehabilitation exercises for injured patients can be played in the orthopedic ward.

Interactive Screens and Whiteboards

Often there may be multiple treatment options for a given condition. How choose the best data plan requires doctors to discuss all treatment risks and curative effects. Interactive screens and whiteboards allow doctors to conduct in-depth discussions on patient treatment options.

For patients, the interactive screen is also more convenient for their treatment process. They can choose the treatment department and the attending physician they need and make an appointment for medical services. During the waiting period, other affairs can be handled completely. After the waiting time is over, the system will promptly remind the patient of the next step information.

Interactive Screens and Whiteboards of Hospital Audio Visual Solution
Public address system of Hospital Audio Visual Solution

Public address system

Public address systems allow communication across multiple departments/buildings simultaneously through the use of audio technologies such as microphones, speakers, and amplifiers.

In healthcare, a hospital is often a sprawling construction area. It is easy to get lost or not find the correct destination. It may even happen that children and the elderly get lost. The PA system allows you to quickly send out information for help and missing persons.

When an emergency medical event occurs, the public broadcasting system can also quickly notify relevant medical personnel to go to the hospital for treatment.

video teleconferencing

When some complex medical and surgical plans cannot be supported by sufficient medical resources in the hospital, it is often resolved by remote video conference calls with other medical experts. Through video conference calls, medical teams and experts can brainstorm and further discuss better medical treatment options.

Even in some operations, medical experts can view the progress of the operation in real-time in the form of video conferences from a distance. And remote guidance is provided for some key links in the operation to further improve the healing effect of the operation.

video teleconferencing of Hospital Audio Visual Solution

Successful cases of Hospital Audio Visual Solution

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