How does school audio visual solution improve student performance?

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school audio visual solution

School AV solutions are important for improving student performance. Statistics show that some secondary schools in the US have improved student performance by an average of 12.3 to 18.5% when using AV integration programmes compared to students who did not use them. This shows that AV solutions in schools have significantly boosted the academic performance of secondary school students and made them more enthusiastic about mastering the content in new ways.

5 advantages of audio-visual solutions in teaching and learning

1. A deeper understanding of the teaching content

Taking basic chemistry as an example, many chemical reactions are dangerous in the process of operation. In order to prevent students from being injured during the experiment, most schools will not carry out corresponding on-site chemical experiment teaching. This part of the content will become relatively unfamiliar to students, and they will not be able to understand the corresponding chemical knowledge.

With the AV solution, the chemistry experiment can be recorded in advance by the teacher and the recorded video played on the LED screen during the teaching process. The students can clearly see the entire process of the chemical reaction and the main points of knowledge to be acquired during the chemistry experiment in the multimedia device.

2. Make the teaching process no longer boring

In the traditional teaching process, usually, only one teacher explains the teaching content. This teaching method is obviously very boring, especially since some knowledge points are obscure and difficult to be mastered. If the teacher does not know how to present the teaching content to the students in a vivid way, most students will not be able to master the knowledge.

After using the audio-visual system integration project, some difficult-to-master knowledge points can be guided by rich and colorful teaching cases. Allow students to explore and learn the teaching content in the shortest time and in the way they like the most. For example, in the study of computer language, students can actually write code to master the relevant teaching content.

3. Facilitate the dissemination of learning and teaching content

Encountering bad weather, traffic jams, physical discomfort and other problems, the student may not be able to go to school to participate in the study, so he may miss very important teaching content. After using the school audio-visual solution, the high-definition camera and audio equipment in the classroom can transmit the content of the class in real time to the computer screens of students who cannot go to school.

Affected by COVID-19, many schools have installed large-scale audio-visual hardware equipment and corresponding teaching systems in the past three years in order to solve the learning problems of students who cannot come to school. Students can easily watch normal teaching videos at home.

school audio visual solution Facilitate the dissemination of learning and teaching content

4. Deeper sensory stimulation to improve academic performance

Studies have shown that students are more interested in multimedia teaching methods and content. When they face multimedia teaching content, they tend to pay more attention to speed up their understanding and learning of teaching content. When students devote more attention, they will ask more academic questions to further understand and master the teaching content, thereby promoting the improvement of test scores.

Obviously, the school audio-visual solution is not only as simple as improving students’ academic performance, but to a large extent, it changes the way students study and their concentration. These changes in behavior and logical thinking can promote their interest in learning and their desire to explore the unknown independently.

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