Top 5 reasons for choosing audiovisual system integration

The advancement of science and technology has become mutually supporting each other, and the two forces that promote each other promote the continuous changes in the world. In most cases of the early audiovisual system, independent operations did not have a good system synchronization. However, the actual demand puts forward higher requirements for audiovisual equipment and comprehensive control systems, so that the entire audio -visual system integration industry is undergoing huge changes. This article will analyze the five major reasons for the selection of audiovisual system integration.

Top 5 reasons for choosing audiovisual system integration

Convenient remote communication mode

Affected by the new crown epidemic, many companies have chosen home remote working models. But how to effectively improve team work efficiency is the primary problem. In traditional cases, companies may choose to communicate with the phone meeting. However, telephone communication often cannot solve the problem of connection between different jobs.

The new type of audiovisual system integration can effectively solve this problem. Using video+audio mode, simply can solve the problem of working items encountered in the team work. The home -office team integrated with the new audiovisual system, the workload and efficiency of work and work are not much lower than the usual normal corporate office, and sometimes it is even slightly higher.

Wonderful conference preaching effect

Traditional conferences often only use projectors to preach the content in PPT. However, this conference effect of using the projector is often not ideal. Imagine that when you make exquisite PPT content, but the customer is embarrassed when the projector’s launch effect is not good.

The new audiovisual system integration will uniformly manage LED screens and surrounding three-dimensional speakers. The dynamic video content and audio are displayed in front of customers. Let the customers who watch the viewing have an immersive feeling, greatly improve the customer’s perception and experience, and effectively improve the opportunity to improve the results of project cooperation.

Better advertising effect

Among the outdoor advertising devices, LED Screen is undoubtedly one of the first choices in the current industry. The high -clear and colorful advertising dynamic effects that LED Screen can bring is unmatched by traditional advertising canvas. Especially some special LED Screen projects, such as transparent LED Screen, 3D naked eyes LED Screen, and Immersive Dome Led Screen. These special LED Screen can give the audience a better experience than ordinary LED Screen.

Significantly reduce corporate operating costs

Many large enterprises pay attention to their own corporate culture publicity and cultivation. In the specific operation method, the publicity content of the company will be continuously updated. In the past methods, the publicity posters, murals, banners and other items that were continuously printed will consume a lot of manpower and material resources. But in fact, this rigid corporate propaganda method does not achieve the expected use effect well. Many publicity albums are often discarded in trash bins without being fully understood.

After using a new type of audiovisual system integration, we no longer rely on paper propaganda media. As long as there is a video display, it can be our content transmission tool. With the comprehensive content transmission control system, real -time changes or switching new content display to the corresponding viewing crowd. It can even control any display device to display completely different content effects alone.

Unique experience

Making virtual into reality is a slogan, and it is also the work direction of the audiovisual integration system. Taking the virtual aquarium designed in Qatar as an example of Galaxyav as an example. It is difficult to imagine that in the dry Qatar Desert, we built a perfect virtual marine biological experience hall with a visual integrated system. The use of a large number of high -definition small spacing LED Screen can allow tourists to experience the real underwater biological scene. Most of the tourists feedback, the immersive experience brought by this virtual scene technology is the same as the real underwater world.

In addition to this virtual underwater world, Galaxyav also built an immersive astronomical museum, event atmosphere experience hall, 3D space exploration flight hall, etc. with an audiovisual integration system. The unique experience brought by these projects is far from being replaced by virtual glasses such as VR. At present, these projects are operating well and create a lot of benefits for the project investors.

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