School Audio Visual Solutions

School AV solutions can create an exciting and interactive learning environment for students, and ICT is also playing a more important role in the teaching process. Whether it is a school’s video wall, auditorium, teaching studio, remote teaching or intelligent digital signage, audio-visual solutions can be used to obtain a better teaching experience.

Galaxyav has designed and delivered audio-visual system integration projects for many educational institutions around the world with professional technology. These audio-visual system integration projects have greatly improved the teaching effect of educational institutions, allowing students to participate in the teaching process more actively.

Specific applications of school audio visual solutions

Video conferencing of school audio visual solutions

Video conferencing

Video conferencing is a simple and easy way to connect virtual and classroom students. Both students and instructors can participate in courses from anywhere. Video conferencing and pre-recorded videos can help students master lessons.

Livestreaming of school audio visual solutions

live broadcast

Live teaching is a highly virtual class that does not require every student to be in the same classroom. Use video to disseminate teaching content to every viewer synchronously.


The digital map navigation station is also an integral part of the school’s audio-visual system, which is very friendly to the freshmen of the school. It can clearly inform the current location of new students or visitors, as well as the location of the target location.

Digital Signage of School Audio Visual Solutions

Digital Signage

Digital signage can inform students about instructional information, emergency notifications, and precautions for certain activities. It can interoperate with learning audio-visual solutions to further send relevant emergency information to the smart communication devices of students and faculty members.

Specific usage scenarios of school audio-visual solutions

Galaxyav has the AV design, build, and support expertise you need to deliver a modern campus experience with collaborative solutions for everywhere students learn, educators teach, groups meet, and athletes compete.

Classroom Audio Solutions

Classroom audio solutions ensure that every student receives instruction at the appropriate volume and clarity from anywhere in the classroom. Creating a consistent, high-quality audio experience throughout the classroom maximizes subject intelligibility and has proven results in improving test scores, improving task behavior, and reducing vocal strain on educators. A vital aid to student success, voice enhancement solutions can also integrate with traditional bell/intercom systems, provide safety and emergency communications, and facilitate lecture recording. Let our team of technical experts help your school or district find the right classroom audio solution for your school or district

Digital Signage Solutions

Our diverse portfolio of indoor and outdoor digital signage solutions will ensure your message is seen by students, staff and visitors to campus. Interact and inform students both indoors and outdoors in common areas, libraries, cafeterias, sports centers, labs, meeting rooms, and more. Highlight community events, student grades, and communicate important safety messages in seconds to enhance your learning and campus experience.

Campus Security Monitoring

Campus safety and security are more important than ever. Creating safe and secure learning environments for our future leaders, educators and all those who support them is critical. We offer a wide range of end-to-end security and security technology solutions from video surveillance systems, access control, thermal temperature scanning solutions to security operations centers.

Successful cases of School Audio Visual Solutions

Mayflower Primary School Audio Visual Solutions

Mayflower Primary School Audio Visual Solutions

Huntingdon College Audio Visual Solutions

Huntingdon College Audio Visual Solutions

Greenland Pine Primary School Audio Visual Solutions

Greenland Pine Primary School Audio Visual Solutions

Daymar College (Louisville) Audio Visual Solutions

Daymar College (Louisville) Audio Visual Solutions

Columbus High School Audio Visual Solutions

Columbus High School Audio Visual Solutions

Arizona Western College Audio Visual Solutions

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Conference Room

Traffic Control Center audio visual solutions

Traffic Control Center

stadium audio visual solutions


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