How Stadium LED Screens Are Changing the Game?

LED screens are increasingly being chosen as the display system for stadium audio visual solutions in major sports stadiums, as a large high-definition video and image display that plays a significant role in enhancing the spectator experience, increasing revenue for event organisers and improving the safety of major sporting events. The LED screen plays an important role in enhancing the spectator experience, increasing revenue for event organizers, and improving the safety of major sports events. Today, let’s take a unique look at how Stadium LED Screens Are Changing the Game.

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The LED screen for stadiums is a type of super large LED screen, which consists of thousands of display beads that independently control the brightness of the LED screen’s pixel dots. Controlled by the LED screen’s display control module, it is perfect for displaying a wide range of high-resolution sports manufacturers’ advertising images and match videos. Especially during some of the most exciting moments of the game, the LED screen can be played back on video to give viewers in poor viewing positions a clear picture of what is happening on the field.

Unlike traditional large LED screens, stadium LED screens have a much better performance in terms of display pixel gap and thermal handling. It is well known that the smaller the pixel gap on LED screens, the higher the resolution of the screen. This helps to give a clearer picture of the moment when the game is moving at high speed. In addition, the super-large LED screen emits a lot of heat when it is in operation, so the Stadium LED screen has a special cooling system to prevent it from getting too hot and causing downtime.

How Stadium LED Screens Are Changing the Game

Improved fan experience

In a stadium that can hold tens of thousands of spectators at a time, it is clear that the viewing experience is completely different from each viewing position. At the edge of the stadium or for smaller people it can be difficult to see what is happening on the field of play. To solve this problem, large stadium LED screens have been created. With high-definition sports cameras all over the stadium, all the players and action on the field can be captured in real-time. Fans no longer have to be as frustrated as ever when they accidentally miss some of the best goal-scoring moments. Fans can watch the goal again with the HD stadium LED screen.

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Increased revenue

It is very common for sporting events to be sponsored by advertisers who want to raise their brand awareness. Event operators also use this as an important channel for their profitability. We often see advertisements for well-known brands such as Adidas, Nike and Reebok on the stadium LED screens. In addition to the large LED screen in the centre of the stadium, sponsorship advertising is also often seen on the curved video LED wall in the stadium ring. The ubiquitous presence of stadium LED screens gives advertising sponsors more opportunities to promote their brands. This also gives event operators more opportunities to increase revenue from sporting events.

Improved safety

The Stadium LED screen can be used to display emergency messages and guide the audience to the nearest safe exit in an orderly manner. It can be more reasonable in the route arrangement of safe escape to ensure that congestion does not happen. In addition, the stadium LED screen can also show some simple ways to avoid danger when an emergency occurs, so that the audience can obtain the knowledge of emergency danger avoidance when they cannot escape in time, and avoid more serious hazards

For the event participants, all subtle behaviors on the field will be captured by high-definition cameras. Every detail can be seen clearly through the super large stadium LED screen. Players can concentrate more on the game. For any controversial behavior in the game, you can review the game through technical means in the later stage. Competition referees can also rely on technical means to make more accurate judgments.

For the audience, the stadium LED screen brings their viewing experience to a new level. Even if you don’t have a good viewing position, you can still know all the dynamics on the field through the real-time images on the stadium LED screen. This improvement in viewing experience can make viewers more willing to buy tickets to watch live instead of choosing to watch sports events in front of the TV.

After the event operator gets more ticket income, part of the income will be used for the improvement of the hardware and software facilities of the stadium. For example, the audio system and visual system in the stadium AV solution. It can be seen that sports personnel, spectators, and event operators can obtain greater benefits and benefits from using stadium LED screens. In a way, stadium LED screens have changed the way sports events and stadiums are run.

Stadium LED screen has largely changed the mode and viewing experience of traditional sports games. In the foreseeable future, more and more stadiums around the world will use LED screens as one of the main display channels for events. With the continuous development of stadium LED screen technology, more and more functions and uses will be developed and applied to sports events. As a professional manufacturer of stadium LED screens, Galaxyav is making continuous efforts on this road.

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