How the LED Video Wall is Revolutionizing the Film Industry ?

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Virtual production is blending the virtual and real world with the most advanced technology and changing the process of filmmaking. Its sophisticated functions and features have replaced green screens and removed post-production headaches. Directors can shoot every single detail without compromising their vision and creative abilities. Although the green screen can create stunning visual effects, it has some limitations that hinder directors’ vision. A few of these limitations are the high cost of operation and post-production issues.

On the other hand, virtual production can surpass traditional production’s limitations and allows directors to create untold stories. It will enable directors to create extraordinary experiences for their viewers through virtual presentations and connect the gap between vision and reality.

Discover the ways digital production LEDs are changing cinema.

Virtual LED screen Background Shooting

Benefits of virtual scene shooting technology

Virtual production is a blend that combines Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Mixed Reality (MR), and Extended Reality (XR), which are then incorporated into LED screens. The technology allows directors to transform a film created in an imaginary setting or bring non-real assets to life. Additionally, a director must change the background if they decide to alter the environment. It would be a pain when the scene was green, as editors would need to work hours editing the setting with different programs and could be required to cut out certain elements.

However, because LED display comes with modern software and tools, they can ease post-production stress through:

  • The game engine can be used to produce special effects
  • Utilizing the camera to record the exact position of the screen
  • The video is projected on 3D LED video walls

This allows directors to alter or edit scenes while filming.

Simulate the effect of natural interactive scenes

In conjunction with Unreal Engine, LED display creates real-time visual effects. Therefore, actors can play the role of something other than a tigress or observe birds flying in the sky. They can make it happen in real life! Unreal Engine creates visual effects such as tiger attacks or flying birds on LED screens, which allows the actors to engage with them live. Additionally, the massive screen can be rotated, zoomed, and moved through, combining the background with the actual scene and making the action appear more authentic.

In addition, LED displays emit light displays that replicate natural light. This gives an authentic look to the setting. Traditionally, these lights and effects were developed during post-production because green screens could not emit light or produce visual effects. Today, thanks to the use of a LED screen that is a virtual production, the shot is filmed in a holistic way, which makes it more realistic and honest.

No longer fetters creativity

Virtual production LED displays have opened the borders between imagination and real-world reality. It allows directors to bring their vision to life from space to the ocean while not being in the location. Directors no longer have to alter their scenes, background, and viewpoint because of flat green screens or the absence of props. The advanced technology and LED display capabilities allow an entire world to be created in directors’ minds. The technology also will enable actors to interact physically with the LED video walls instead of creating them using computer-generated components, which makes their performances more precise and realistic.

Directors can also alter the script, the scene, or the location to improve the quality of their work, typically made during post-production. Sometimes, the post-production had to eliminate certain scenes or elements due to poor lighting or positioning, which could hurt creativity. Fortunately, virtual production can keep its original content and enhance the movie’s quality.

Create an immersive real experience viewing effect

Virtual production LED displays create immersive experiences that are not just for the audience but also directors and actors. Directors and actors also have more freedom to experiment by creating a fantasy, action, magic, and animation scenes. Modern technology helps them make each set look so authentic and unique that they cannot tell the actual film from the reel. This extends to viewers as they experience extraordinary actions and footage that the traditional filmmaking process could not convey and look authentic. This allows the viewers to interact with the characters and the world around them, providing an authentic experience.

In addition, this advancement has dramatically increased the quality and the imagination of directors and actors since they are equipped with more elements and props and perform than green screens could not offer. Modern technology has created immersive experiences that are fascinating creative, innovative, and powerful.

Save Time and Cost in Post-Production of Movies

A virtual LED production display eliminates problems and time-consuming post-production. Adding visual effects, altering backgrounds, altering scenes, bringing elements back to life, and so on. These are all done in the course of shooting with virtual production. This avoids the hassle of post-production and helps producers save the high cost of time and effort. In the past, editors used various technology and software to create accurate lighting effects, sounds, and scenes. This took time and cost a lot of money. By removing the green screen, filmmakers can invest their time and money into their creative process and tell the most engaging story to the viewers.

How does the LED display achieve the above effects

LED video walls are the ideal solution to incorporate virtual production since the LED screen comes with unique features that enhance the virtual production process and meet the requirements of filmmaking. Please find out how it’s changing the way you work.


Provides High-Brightness

LED display LCD offers a high luminance that can be used to create light sources. For instance, if the director wishes to display the sunrise in the morning, the brightness and the quality of LED displays could mimic the sunrise and produce an authentic effect.


Make sure you have high-quality display performance

The high resolution and pixel count will display every aspect of an image in precise detail and provide an immersive experience for viewers. It can also support 3D display, high definition, color depth, color saturation, and more. It makes the videos playing on the screen healthy.


Covers Larger Area

Its LED video wall is enormous and can produce a vast background effect that the green screen does not have. Furthermore, the director can alter the angle of the background seamlessly and effortlessly, something that is impossible with flat green screens.

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