How to choose the best audiovisual integrated system manufacturer

Do you know how to choose the best audio-visual integrated system manufacturer? Are you struggling to find a reliable audio-visual integrated system manufacturer? What kind of audio-visual integration system can seamlessly integrate your LED screen, broadcast and other collaboration equipment? Today, let’s explore the mysteries of audio-visual integrated systems and how to choose the best audio-visual integrated system manufacturers.

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What is an audiovisual integration system?

The integrated audio-visual system achieves the perfect integrated audio-visual video playback effect through comprehensive and unified control of video and image output devices such as LED screens and audio input and output devices such as speakers and microphones. It is not only a complex combination of hardware of various audio-visual equipment, but also a complex software combination of content playback control.

Why choose an audiovisual integration system?

There are multiple audio-visual hardware devices in a traditional multimedia playback system. These audio-visual hardware devices are connected to each other through a variety of different types of wires. Due to the asynchronous development of audio-visual equipment, there are different standards in the way of input and output signals. This will lead to compatibility issues with audio-visual systems.

The new generation of audio-visual integrated system adopts unified and standardized audio-visual signal input and output standards. Combined with the unified computing function of the powerful audio-visual integration system, it can achieve synchronous playback of video and audio. If users have special playback needs, they can also customize the audio-visual integration system. Take GalaxyAV’s planetarium project in Bogota as an example. In order to create a very good immersive experience of the charm of the universe and starry sky, we created a unique dome LED screen and an exclusive audio-visual integration system for it.

In the commercial field, traditional video and audio devices are often not well adapted to the delivery of diverse advertising content. Whether it is the more popular transparent LED screen or the naked-eye 3D LED screen, it needs to be controlled by a professional audio-visual integration system to achieve the best viewing effect, so as to enhance the spread of advertising and further increase the visualization of commercial value. 

How to choose the best audiovisual integrated system manufacturer

How to choose the best audiovisual integrated system manufacturer?

Step 1: Understand the solutions that AV integrated system manufacturers can provide

Different audio-visual integrated system manufacturers can provide completely different solutions. When facing customers’ business goals, audiovisual system integration manufacturers will choose relatively mature solutions. But these solutions may not necessarily fit your business goals perfectly. This leads to certain technical hidden dangers in the specific implementation and delivery process of the overall audio-visual integration system solution.

So when choosing the best audiovisual integrated system manufacturer, the first step is to clearly and clearly communicate its business goals. Then check whether there will be any problems in the operation and connection process of each step according to the solution proposed by the other party. If there is a problem, will it have an impact on your ultimate business goals. Will there be additional costs and delays in delivery during the implementation of the audition integration system? Audition the implementation reference standards and assessment indicators required in the implementation and acceptance process of the integrated system.

Step 2: the manufacturer's detailed processing of the audio-visual integrated system

It is inevitable that there will be various practical problems in the specific implementation process of large and medium-sized audition integrated systems or some projects with many customized functions. Any perfect pre-design and installation plan cannot fully predict the problems that arise during the specific implementation process. When encountering these problems, does the audio-visual integrated system manufacturer we choose have the ability to determine the specific implementation steps to properly coordinate and communicate?

Taking GalaxyAV’s virtual ocean scene as an example, we created a virtual aquarium in Qatar for customers with a very good experience. During the implementation of the project, the extreme high temperature and hot weather in the Middle East affected the stability of the LED screen panel display to some extent, resulting in color deviation in the local aquarium. In order to solve this problem, we negotiated carefully with the client and replaced the old plan with the new one.

Because the operating temperature parameters of the LED screen panel in the old scheme are based on the daily temperature in Qatar provided by the virtual aquarium, the high temperature and heat in extreme climates have not been considered. Therefore, after negotiation, the customer replaced a higher specification LED panel after increasing part of the project budget, and GalaxyAV also extended the warranty period and technical support period of the product free of charge. The two parties have reached a friendly cooperation and are satisfied with each other’s active consultation and communication.

How to choose the best audiovisual integrated system manufacturer

Step 3: Test after installation of audio-visual integrated system

The most important thing in this link is to determine who is responsible for the inspection, evaluation and acceptance of the entire audio-visual integration system. Usually, customers who purchase audio-visual integrated systems are not as professional as the engineers of audio-visual integrated system manufacturers in terms of relevant professional knowledge and skills. If the purchaser is the leader, it will often cause negligence in many details, and there will be certain risks in the later use process.

Therefore, in order to avoid this situation, at the beginning of the business cooperation negotiation of the audio-visual integrated system project between the two parties, it should be clearly indicated in the terms of the contract who is responsible for the project acceptance after installation. It can be led by the purchaser or the project undertaker, or even an independent third party recognized by both parties to conduct the overall test and acceptance of the audio-visual integrated system project. The only requirement is that the two parties need to agree on the specific items for testing and acceptance and the corresponding item acceptance indicators in advance. Normally, we will adopt the composite AVAQ, ISO, CTS and PMI standards, which are widely recognized acceptance standards in the field of audio-visual integrated systems.

It is worth mentioning that the acceptance test work should take into account the possible damage to the software and hardware of the entire audio-visual integrated system caused by the extreme use environment. Taking the LED screen as an example, if the white screen is run at full power, the service life of the LED screen lamp beads will be reduced. It even affects the content playback of normal high-definition dynamic video images to a certain extent. Therefore, in the process of checking and accepting the audio-visual integrated system, attention should be paid to setting reasonable acceptance criteria for relevant assessment items, and the extreme test environment cannot cause the normal use of the audio-visual integrated system.

Step 4: After-sale value-added services for audio-visual integrated system manufacturers

The audio-visual integrated system includes two parts: hardware and software. The vast majority of hardware systems are made of a large number of electronic components. Electronic components are affected by environmental temperature and humidity, dust, unstable voltage and other adverse factors during use, and various failures will occur. These faults need to be checked and repaired by professional technical engineers. And these require manufacturers of audio-visual integrated systems to reflect the after-sales value-added services they can provide.

In addition, electronic components in audio-visual integrated systems may be eliminated with the development of the times. But obviously, it is impossible to replace the overall audio-visual integrated system if a single audio-visual display hardware device fails or becomes outdated. A common practice is to replace obsolete equipment in it. This requires understanding the technical reserves and the duration of future alternative solutions when initially selecting an audio-visual integrated system manufacturer.

The software of the audio-visual integration system also needs to be kept updated. Various audio-visual and video contents that are constantly emerging are developing at a cross-age speed. Higher requirements are put forward for the software interaction, function integration, and compatibility of software and hardware of the overall audio-visual integrated system. If an audio-visual integrated system manufacturer has the ability to design by itself and continuously upgrade the compatibility of iterative systems to improve its functions, then this audio-visual integrated system manufacturer can be a key partner.

In addition, it is also a very good plus point for an audio-visual integrated system manufacturer to have maintenance and after-sales teams all over the world. Because its strong after-sales service capabilities can help you solve related problems for you in the first time when you encounter problems with the audio-visual integration system. Avoid all kinds of commercial losses caused by your failures, and let your commercial advertising projects and other comprehensive content displays restore their perfect forms more quickly.

GalaxyAV company has more than 20 years of professional experience in the LED screen field, and has created countless successful audio-visual integrated systems for many users around the world. Our advantage lies in flexible led screen and immersive dome screen. If you are interested in these professional customized audio-visual integrated system projects, welcome to communicate with us. Our professional technical engineers will answer all kinds of questions about audio-visual integration system for you free of charge.

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