How to Choose the Right Outdoor Advertising Audio Visual Solution for Your Business

The competition of outdoor advertising is becoming more and more fierce, how to choose the right outdoor advertising audio-visual solution for your business is a problem worthy of attention. There are various forms of outdoor advertising, but not all outdoor advertising promotion methods are suitable for your business activities. In this article, we will discuss with you the factors that need to be considered when choosing outdoor advertising audio-visual solutions, and the types of outdoor commercial advertising audio-visual solutions that can achieve better promotion effects.

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How to Choose the Right Outdoor Advertising Audio Visual Solution for Your Business

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Outdoor AV Solution

Who is your target customer?

What kind of group your target customers are determines what type of outdoor advertising audio-visual solutions you will adopt. Usually, outdoor advertisements of fast moving consumer goods will not appear on the outdoor LED screens of high-end shopping malls, and similarly, outdoor advertisements of high-end luxury goods will not appear on roadside digital signage. When choosing an outdoor advertising audio-visual solution, you need to study your target customer groups, where they often appear, and what kind of advertising content they are interested in. Only with these preliminary research reports can we choose the correct audio-visual solution for outdoor advertising.

Where will your target customers appear?

Outdoor advertising can only be considered effective if it is seen by your customers. Any outdoor advertising promotion method that cannot convey outdoor advertising information to potential customers will fail. When you know where your customers will appear, you can choose the correct outdoor advertising area and get the best outdoor advertising effect.

How much is your outdoor advertising budget?

It is obviously a very good choice to place outdoor advertisements in Times Square in the United States, but it is obvious that this requires high advertising costs. Any outdoor advertising will set the total budget of the overall project in advance, and the best audio-visual solution for outdoor advertising can be selected more realistically within the total budget range.

Whether it can withstand the harsh external environment

Compared with indoor advertising, outdoor advertising faces a harsher external environment. Traditional paper printing and wall advertising printing obviously cannot sustain the advertising effect in rainy and snowy weather and high temperature environment. The new generation of audio-visual solutions represented by outdoor LED screens can stably play the role of advertising promotion in harsh outdoor environments.

outdoor advertising aaudio visual solution

What are the common audio-visual solutions for outdoor advertising?

LED video waall is one of the most common audio-visual solutions for outdoor advertising. Brilliant colors, clear advertising content, and attractive advertising voice make it the preferred method of outdoor advertising for most businesses.

Digital signage

digital signage
The biggest advantage of digital signage is its relatively low advertising costs, and they can also have very good advertising effects. It also has a very good performance in guiding customers to brand awareness and product promotion. However, compared with LED video wall, digital signage is not very suitable for large-scale advertisement placement and promotion.

Bus shelter billboard

The bus shelter billboard is suitable for commercial advertisements with short content. For fast-moving consumer goods and daily-use products, bus shelter billboards are a very good outdoor advertising audio-visual solution. Their target customer groups can understand the core content of advertising promotion in a short period of time and have enough spending power to purchase the promoted products and services.

Laser projection

Laser projection is not a very common audio-visual solution for outdoor advertising. However, as one of the emerging outdoor advertising promotion methods, it has more characteristics than traditional outdoor advertising audio-visual solutions. Super-large outdoor advertising content can be placed on the entire exterior wall of a large building, which can attract the attention of most people at night.


The choice of audio-visual solutions for outdoor advertising directly affects the promotion effect of your outdoor advertising. When choosing an outdoor advertising audio-visual solution, you need to consider who the target customers are, where they appear, the budget of the overall outdoor advertising project, and so on.

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