The dome LED screen application of Bogota Planetarium

Colombia’s Bogota Planetarium is the most advanced theater of its kind in a Latin American country. Whether it is the architectural design, the lighting and sound control system, the stage scene arrangement, or the extremely realistic celestial operation picture, it can give all audiences a refreshing feeling. And behind all this is perfectly presented by the dome LED screen.

The dome LED screen application of Bogota Planetarium

Dome-style screen experience or immersive dome screen experience is not a very novel project and has already been used by various theaters, celestial halls, and commercial projects. However, most of these projects use laser projectors, which are fundamentally different from the dome LED screen that will be introduced in this article.

The Bogota Planetarium used an opto-mechanical projection system in its earliest days, but the visual experience brought to the audience by this early opto-mechanical projection system was not perfect. With the development of optical projection technology, the Bogota Planetarium chose the pure laser projector developed by Christie. This laser projector enables audiences to have a higher quality viewing experience.

But the pace of technology never stops because of the satisfaction of the moment. When the immersive dome LED screen was successfully developed in the field of LED display, this viewing effect solution became a better choice. The higher-resolution 4K video and image content has made art design, scientific research and technical discussion more in-depth, and the audience can experience the visual effects brought by the dome LED screen in a more immersive experience.

Compared with laser projectors, the dome LED screen does not require high-power laser lighting equipment. The self-luminous lamp beads on the dome LED screen are used to change the luminous color of the lamp beads in real time under the control of the lighting controller. Smaller lamp gaps, brighter color contrasts, and better brightness performance make the Bogota Planetarium’s 23-meter (75-foot) dome the perfect virtual scene.

The dome LED screen application of Bogota Planetarium
The dome LED screen application of Bogota Planetarium

The appearance of new things always raises questions and distrust. The dome LED screen project in Bogotá was also widely questioned at the beginning. However, the practice has proved that the solution of dome LED screens is far superior to laser projectors in many aspects, such as work stability, long-term amortization of fixed costs, repair costs for failures, maintenance costs of the dome LED screen, and safety to the environment. 

Carlos Molina, the project’s director, said that this way of displaying content surpasses all previous ones, and the audience is easily attracted by the content of the screen, because this immersive experience is unparalleled. As for the cost, the initial investment will be higher than that of the laser projector, but the overall maintenance cost is much lower. Even if some blocks of the dome LED screen have related failures, the local display module can be replaced, which is much lower than that of the dome LED screen. In the past, the maintenance cost of laser projectors was much lower.

As the number one planetarium in Latin America, Bogota attaches great importance to the experience it brings to its audience, which is the fundamental reason why this prestigious planetarium can operate healthily for a long time. The new display technology will inevitably bring about changes in the display screen market. It is believed that in the future, more and more planetariums or other public facilities projects will use the dome LED screen as their preferred display solution.

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