The Role of AV Solutions in Traffic Control Center Operations

As audio visual solution is more and more used in traffic control centers, its role is also growing. Don’t think that it is just a simple combination of audio system and video system. In fact, the audio-visual solution of the traffic control center is a comprehensive integration project of multiple departments and systems. The audio-visual solution of the traffic control center plays a very important role in helping traffic control personnel improve road situation awareness, quickly deal with emergencies and make correct decisions.

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The Role of AV Solutions in Traffic Control Center Operations

What can AV solutions do for traffic control centers?

Real-time road traffic monitoring

The AV solution is connected with high-definition cameras all over the road to display the traffic conditions of each road section in real time on the large LED screen of the traffic control center and the LCD screens of each subsystem. This allows traffic control personnel to quickly and easily understand the current road conditions and check whether there are traffic jams on some road sections. When the driver encounters a car accident and loses the ability to call for emergency help, the traffic control personnel can immediately discover and arrange emergency rescue teams such as firefighting and medical treatment to the scene of the accident.

Efficient Voice Communication Management

How to deal with the internal communication and external connection of the traffic control center is a very complicated issue. The old-fashioned fixed-line communication is obviously unable to meet the increasingly complex communication needs. The audio system of AV solution makes it possible for multi-person communication and cross-departmental contact. The PA system allows traffic control personnel to issue warning voices to vehicles in motion, and emergency rescue centers can also quickly receive voice calls for help and provide timely assistance. Audio Visual solution greatly improves the work efficiency of voice communication.

Fast and intelligent processing of traffic data

Traditional traffic control centers will arrange a large number of traffic control personnel to monitor and analyze road traffic conditions. However, as the road traffic network becomes more and more developed and more and more vehicles are driven, the traditional way of relying on manpower obviously cannot meet the actual needs. The road traffic data monitoring and analysis system equipped with Audio visual solution can analyze road traffic conditions more quickly and efficiently, and issue warnings for special events.

Greatly reduce the operating cost of the traffic control center

Audio visual solution can change the traffic signal on the road surface in real time according to the current road traffic situation, and set the vehicle traffic route and traffic light waiting time more reasonably. The traffic control center does not need to arrange for the traffic management department to manually set specific traffic signal equipment, which greatly reduces the overall operating cost while increasing the safety of the traffic department.

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Common Uses of AV Solutions in Traffic Control Centers

In the above content, we discussed what kind of services audio visual solution can provide to the traffic control center, and the benefits that these services can bring. Next, we move on to some of the most common uses of audio visual solutions.

Track vehicle movement

During the driving process of the vehicle, the speed of the vehicle is too fast or too slow, which is likely to cause traffic accidents. AV solution can track every vehicle on the road in real time, and give warning prompts to vehicles that are too fast or too slow through loudspeakers.

Identify potential hazards

Audio Visual solution will focus on monitoring special conditions on the road. For example, if the vehicle suddenly stops while driving, it is likely that the driver and passengers suddenly feel unwell or there is a problem with the vehicle itself. After a comprehensive judgment, the AV solution will adjust the traffic signals of nearby roads to prevent possible road congestion.

Forecast traffic flow

Some specific transportation facilities require limited traffic flow, such as bridges and tunnels. Audio visual solution through the overall monitoring of road traffic flow, real-time statistics of a bridge and tunnel may face a large number of traffic flow in a specific period of time. In order to prevent bridges and tunnels from exceeding their bearing limits, it is the best choice to control traffic flow through audio visual solution in time.


The importance of Audio visual solution in the traffic control center is self-evident. It has played a huge role in the scientific and reasonable management of road traffic for traffic controllers from beginning to end. With the improvement of technology level, the audio-visual solutions of the traffic control center in the future will become more and more advanced and powerful.

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