How to Troubleshoot Common Conference Room Audio Visual Issues

Are you holding an important meeting because the meeting room’s audio-visual equipment and system failures make the meeting unable to proceed normally? Blaring loudspeaker noise and flickering screens can overwhelm your prepared presentation. Professional meeting room audio-visual maintenance personnel may not be able to arrive at the scene in a short time to deal with the fault, which affects the normal progress of the meeting.

In this article, we will combine some common meeting room audio-visual equipment and system failure problems, and provide you with troubleshooting and solution methods, so that you can quickly solve these problems in the future. As a professional meeting room audio-visual system integration service provider, Galaxyav has professional experience in repairing meeting room audio-visual system failures. All technical guidance in this article is authoritative and worthy of your trust.

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How to Troubleshoot Common Conference Room Audio Visual Issues

Common conference chair audio-visual problems and solutions

Audio equipment failure

When the audio equipment in the meeting room emits a fuzzy sound, it may be caused by various reasons such as audio wireless signal transmission failure, loudspeaker damage, unstable working power supply, signal transmission line damage, and speaker equalizer failure. For this reason, we have prepared the following maintenance guide for you.

Check volume settings: Make sure the volume on your speakers or other PA equipment and sound system is turned up to an appropriate level. If surround sound equipment is installed in the conference room, please check one by one whether all the speaker equipment has been turned on and is in normal working condition.

Check the device connection: Please make sure that all power cables and audio signal data cables are connected correctly, and there are no reverse connections and loose interfaces. Some connection cable ports may rust due to moisture and oxidation, which may lead to connection failures. Please clean or replace the power cable or signal data cable in time.

Adjust the signal equalizer: Usually, the conference room audio equipment has an equalizer, and these equalizers can adjust the electronic equipment that amplifies the electrical signal of various frequency components. Compensating for speaker and sound stage imperfections through typical adjustments to different frequencies can be used to modify a variety of sound sources.

Display device failure

The content displays installed in different conference rooms are very different. The traditional conference room content display systems include laser projectors, liquid crystal displays and LED screens. The causes of these three display faults are very different, and they need to be detected and repaired in combination with specific fault conditions. Galaxyav is a professional LED screen manufacturer, we are good at checking and repairing LED screen failures. The following are some common LED screen failures and corresponding troubleshooting methods.

LED screen panel does not light up in one line: it may be that the decoder of the LED screen is faulty, and the 74HC245 or 74HC138 buffer used to realize the two-way asynchronous communication of the data bus is damaged. Replace the decoder or 74HC245 buffer to return to normal.

LED screen panel does not light up in a single row: it may be caused by a driver IC, a certain pin of the resistor is soldered or a line is disconnected. We need to find the pin on the module that controls the column, and check whether it is connected to the output terminal of the driver IC (74HC595/TB62726).

The LED screen panel as a whole does not emit light: If several consecutive horizontal LED display panels do not emit light, please check whether the cable connection between the normal unit board and the abnormal unit board is normal or check whether the chip 245 is normal. If several consecutive vertical LED display panels do not emit light, please check whether the power supply of this column is normal.


The failure of audio equipment and software systems is a common situation in conference room audio-visual solutions, and most of them are easily checked and repaired. In the case of non-professional maintenance personnel, you can also troubleshoot and repair according to the content of this article.

Of course, the best way to prevent meeting room audio-visual equipment failure is regular inspection and maintenance. You can communicate with the meeting room audio-visual solution provider and obtain corresponding technical guidance. If you have other conference room AV problems or want to deploy a new conference room AV solution, please contact us. We will provide you with professional project consultation and free project quotation service.

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