How to Use Outdoor Advertising Audio Visual Solutions to Increase Brand Awareness?

It is not easy to leave a deep impression on target customers in outdoor advertising. Traditional outdoor advertising needs to invest a lot of cost, but it may not be able to achieve good advertising expectations. This makes brands go to great lengths to find the most suitable way to create flexible and eye-catching advertising content in order to leave a deep and lasting impact on the minds of target customer groups.

The audio-visual solutions represented by LED video wall give outdoor advertisers more choices. This novel outdoor advertising promotion method can effectively promote new products and improve brand awareness. The comprehensive cost is much lower than that of traditional outdoor advertising, so it is welcomed by outdoor advertisers. In this article, we will discuss with you how outdoor advertising audio-visual solutions can improve brand awareness.

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How to Use Outdoor Advertising Audio Visual Solutions to Increase Brand Awareness?

Choose the right outdoor advertising audio and video solutions

There are many ways to present outdoor advertisements, from billboards and posters to digital signage and LED video wall are all advertising channels for outdoor advertisers. But not all outdoor advertisements are suitable for your target customer groups, only those outdoor advertising methods that can resonate with your target customers and achieve marketing goals are the best choices.

LED video wall is one of the most popular and cost-effective outdoor audio-visual solutions. It can display the content of outdoor advertisements in a large area, and the displayed advertisement pictures are eye-catching. The dynamic video content and clear and attractive sound can make the outdoor advertisement content be delivered to more target customer groups in the shortest time. Very effective in building brand awareness and promoting new products.

When you choose LED video wall as your outdoor advertising promotion channel, the following are some warm tips that need your attention:

  • Choose a high-traffic area that is consistent with the interests and behaviors of your target customer group for outdoor advertising
  • Please try to keep your OOH content short and appealing
  • Try to use LED screens with outstanding performance such as resolution and contrasting colors to make your advertising content more outstanding
  • Consider adding a call to action to encourage your target customer group to take action to promote the conversion of commercial value of advertising

Digital signage

Digital signage is also one of the more popular audio-visual solutions for outdoor advertising. It can help you increase brand awareness and promote your products and services. Digital signage is especially suitable for placement in high-traffic areas such as bus stops, train stations, and shopping malls.

If you choose digital signage as your outdoor advertising promotion method, here are some tips worth paying attention to:

  • When making outdoor advertising content for digital signage, the clarity of the advertising content should be improved as much as possible for long-distance viewing.
  • Please keep the content of the advertisement as simple and clear as possible, preferably no more than 10 words, because pedestrians will not have so much time to read the advertisement
  • QR codes can be added to the outdoor advertising content of digital signage to guide target customer groups to better participate in understanding your brand
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Create engaging content for your outdoor advertising AV solutions

The ultimate effect of outdoor advertising depends on the quality of your content. Good outdoor advertising content can be produced according to the consumption needs, purchasing interests and behaviors of the target customer groups so as to resonate with these groups. Now, let’s take a step-by-step look at how to create effective advertising content for your outdoor advertising audio-visual solutions.

Know your target customer group

Before making corresponding advertising content for outdoor advertising audio-visual solutions, you need to have a deep understanding of the target customer group. Who are they and what are their interests, needs and pain points? What selling points and guarantees can motivate them to make a purchase? Where do such people usually appear, and when do they appear in the corresponding places?

Highlight the features and benefits of the product

The focus of outdoor advertising is to implant the concept that the product and service are worth buying in the minds of customers in a short period of time. If all the content of outdoor advertising in a short period of time is used to explain the functions of your product, it is obviously not enough to impress the target customer group. But when you try to use the unparalleled advantages and unique features of the product as the main content to impress the target customer group, the effect of the outdoor advertisement will be greatly improved.

Celebrity effect

Many people with low education level or lower middle income lack the concept of independence when choosing to buy products and services. They like to choose and purchase corresponding products based on the opinions of opinion leaders. Although inviting celebrities to speak for brands and services is an advertising method that has been used for many years, it can still play an important role in the field of outdoor advertising audio-visual solutions. Just imagine what it would be like if Adele lost weight and endorsed weight loss products?


Out-of-home audio-visual solutions are an excellent way to increase brand awareness and promote your products and services to a wider audience. By choosing the right audio-visual solution for outdoor advertising and creating the best eye-catching advertising content, you can effectively enhance your product brand awareness and maintain a lasting advertising influence for the target customer group for a long period of time.

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