Immersive LED Dome Screen For Theater

In recent years, with the rapid development of digital technology, the display forms have become more and more abundant. The types of theaters have also got rid of the traditional limitations, and there have been LED dome screen theaters, curved screen theaters, flying theaters, and so on. As a product of the development of science and technology, the dome theater has the application characteristics of immersive, which is different from conventional cinema not only in the display effect but also in the presentation structure

Dome screen theater is immersive theater. The display appearance of the dome theater presents the style of a spherical dome. In this environment, the audience can enjoy the video content 360 degrees without a dead angle, resulting in an immersive viewing experience. Combined with the stereo surround sound system, the experience becomes even better.

The construction of a dome theater is also very different from other immersive theaters. The construction of the dome screen theater needs to use aluminum alloy materials to build the spherical skeleton, and then the display screen and skeleton can be naturally connected by welding steel bolts at the connection.

In terms of display content, the image content presented by the dome cinema can be customized according to user needs. Because of this feature, the application scope of dome screen cinema is also increased. In many exhibitions, this technology will also be used for information display.

In the dome theater, the audience can not only enjoy the shocking images but also feel the immersive atmosphere, which is also a function that traditional cinema can not achieve. Some dome screen theaters will also be combined with dynamic seats, so that the immersion is not limited to visual perception, but more reflected in perception.

LED Dome Screen Series

LED display technology, especially flexible LED display, has developed rapidly over the years. Nowadays, it can be made into almost any shape and size, with a clear image, wide use, and flexible structure. With experience in delivering complex high-performance LED displays and expertise in the areas of control systems, playback, and signal processing, Galaxyavi Systems launched an exciting new product series, the LED dome screen series.

Tilt dome LED display screen

The Features Of LED Dome Screen For Theater

  • Full dome and half-dome screens in various sizes

  • Custom radius and shape: vertically aligned, tilted or hemispherical dome

  • Certified self-supporting steel construction

  • 2.7/3.8mm and 4.0/5.8mm pixel pitch are available

  • Super high dome screen resolution

  • High frame speed,providing sharp images even in fast motion

  • The sound permeable surface ensures a clear and accurate linear sound experience

  • Immutable images: constant resolution, brightness, contrast, color space, and geometry

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